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2014 POY

2014 Poker Player of the Year

1. Daniel Colman 1,377.70 pts
2. Mike Leah 1,145.04 pts
3. Dan Smith 949.35 pts
4. Ole Schemion 816.59 pts
5. George Danzer 797.35 pts
6. Jake Schindler 794.85 pts
7. Mustapha Kanit 790.48 pts
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  • Jon Eaton | @sketchy1poker   (10 minutes ago)
    tomorrow is saturday, and i have barely thought about college football all week. #ROYALS
  • Lacey Jones | @LaceyJones   (26 minutes ago)
    No matter how charming you think you've been, they ask you to leave when your chip count is zero.
  • Max Steinberg | @MaxJSteinberg   (41 minutes ago)
    Kanye, literally in the middle of his show, has spent 10 minutes rambling about nothing while piano plays in the background...
  • Dutch Boyd | @dutchboyd   (48 minutes ago)
    Picked this up on for only a few bucks. Looks awesome.... Influent - Launch Trailer:
  • Matt Savage | @savagepoker   (55 minutes ago)
    RT @ChipWhore: 300/1000/2000 player AI with 1-5k & 1-1k chips player behind throws in 2-5k chips call or raise?<~Still a call