PLAYER OF THE YEAR Dzmitry Urbanovich Leads POY, Six Players Crack Top 20 The EPT Malta Festival re-shuffled the 2015 BLUFF Player of the Year standings with more than half of the top 20 earning cashes on the island.
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2015 POY

2015 Poker Player of the Year

1. Dzmitry Urbanovich 605.13 pts
2. Nick Petrangelo 601.74 pts
3. Anthony Zinno 544.50 pts
4. Steve O'Dwyer 543.36 pts
5. Taylor Paur 524.14 pts
6. Tom Marchese 470.00 pts
7. Scott Seiver 432.16 pts
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    If hurts my soul to lose a bet. But when the jap is on my team: I can't even shoot my best left handed
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    4 hours of sleep & an important poker tournament to play. WHAT COULD GO WRONG. #IrishOpen
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