About Time

Life is too short to complain

I’m curious. How many people reading this have seen the movie “About Time?” I recently just watched it and I must say I walked away with an incredibly valuable lesson. The main character has the ability to time travel — OK, I understand how ridiculous that sounds, but you have to give it a chance! Imagine you COULD. The movie itself was B-, B at best. But the message was very strong.

man with cardboard smiley faceEvery day as we live our lives, we do what we do to get through the day. Some people enjoy their days. Some hate their days. Some just go through the process of simply existing. We all do. However, each and every single one of us approaches each and every day differently.

Let’s take yesterday for example. You reading this remember YOUR day yesterday right? How would you rate yesterday on a scale 1 to 100? Imagine for one second that you could go BACK to yesterday morning when you first opened your eyes. You wake up KNOWING what would happen next and how the day would pan out. What would you do differently? Would you be more energetic? More positive? Smile more? Eat better? Bring joy to someone else’s life? Be more POSITIVE? What would YOU do differently? I know you are reading this and just continuing from sentence to sentence but really take a minute and give it some thought. There are a TON of things you could do to upgrade yesterday. And every day for that matter. The interesting thing is that all the things you might do differently yesterday, you COULD apply to today. For instance if something bad happens but you have no control over it, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t complain about it. Maybe you would LAUGH at it instead of saying “Man that sucks. I’m so unlucky. This happens to ME all the time.”

We are all guilty of adding negative energy to a negative situation. Imagine if you ACTUALLY had the capability of being positive in almost every negative situation.

In the movie, the main character lives the same day TWICE. The first time around he has a REALLY bad day. The second time around, he had an amazing day. The only difference was HIS approach to the day. Bad things happened … good things happened … all in all he made the best of the bad and enhanced the good as much as possible. It was truly touching.

I teared up thinking how often I have that opportunity in my own life. And the answer is EVERY single day. Besides some real-life crisis, none of it really means anything. Life will always go on. How could I EVER get upset over a bad beat?! Which I find myself doing as of late. That is completely unacceptable. I’m the luckiest guy in the world and I have the audacity to get upset over getting unlucky in a hand?!

Clearly, this is easier said than done. Getting second in a major tournament HURTS. But obviously it’s FANTASTIC. Imagine being able to create happiness from second place. What’s done is done — you didn’t win. You came in second. You have the choice to mope and be upset OR you can enjoy this incredible achievement. I write this with ease but even knowing and even writing this, next time I take second I am sure I will be in a ton of pain! I think you all get the point. Your day, your life, your everything depends on YOU. It’s up to YOU. So make the best of it. We only have one shot at this thing called life.

Antonio @magicantonio

June 2014