Articles by: Andrew Feldman


Andrew Feldman | July 15, 2014

When $15 million can’t make you smile Poker is an interesting game, filled with a diverse group of players with unique backgrounds, talents and passions. However, despite my constant quest to remind everyone that being social is the heart of the game, at a professional level, success and stature is measured in only one way: [...]

If you build it (right), they will come

Andrew Feldman | June 15, 2014

WSOP numbers are proving the doubters wrong Quiet please, cynics. The World Series of Poker is alive and well. The 2014 Millionaire Maker attracted 7,977 entries, featuring 6,226 unique players. The 2014 WSOP Seniors event set a record with 4,425 players. The $1,000 pot-limit Omaha event became the largest non-hold’em event in WSOP history. The [...]

The Bracelet Means Something

Andrew Feldman | May 15, 2014

It’s not all about the money There’s one thing that always catches me off guard and brings upon a feeling of utmost surprise and disappointment. Year after year, we see coveted pieces of WSOP gold on eBay or in pawn shops as players, who yearned for that pinnacle, that moment of exhilaration that makes you [...]

Innovative Directors

Andrew Feldman | April 15, 2014

Taking it to another level Innovation is essential to any successful industry. Those who follow and love the game of poker know that our sector is no different.  Besides the augmentation of games added to a rotation, or betting limitations one way or another, cash games are limited in this scope by nature. However, on [...]

Is Poker the Forgiving Type?

Andrew Feldman | March 15, 2014

Could you play next to Lederer or Ferguson? For nearly 30,000 Americans, a sense of closure was felt on Feb. 28. Separated from the money in their Full Tilt Poker accounts since April 15, 2011, these players were made whole again after a stressful and confusing period that questioned essentially everything we knew about online [...]

10,000,000 … New WSOP Main Event Money

Andrew Feldman | February 15, 2014

Making changes for the better Ten million dollars. That’s what the winner of the 2014 WSOP Main Event is guaranteed to take home. For the first time since 2006, the buzz following the release of the 2014 WSOP schedule wasn’t limited to the poker community, and the news quickly spread to mainstream media. It’s a [...]

Is It Time For an Online Bracelet?

Andrew Feldman | January 15, 2014

The Games You Need to Know The online poker scene in the United States is an interesting anomaly. The state-by-state progress of legislation has created smaller factions struggling to survive on smaller player bases. This is no surprise to anyone involved with its progress over the past five years and unfortunately, this is the reality [...]