Articles by: Antonio Esfandiari

Poker Like A Rockstar … The Moment Khash

Antonio Esfandiari | February 15, 2015

Free your mind and the cash will follow We are prisoners of our own minds. Don’t believe me, try a simple thought experiment: Shut-off your brain. Just for a few moments. No discursive thoughts please … How did that turn-out? Unless you are some kind of mindful Jedi-master, chances are that you can’t. I can’t. [...]

Poker Like a Rockstar … Antonio gets the final (table) word

Antonio Esfandiari | November 15, 2014

WSOP commentary is harder than it looks Today is Nov. 12. Martin Jacobson has had about 24 hours to let it sink it. How long would it take for you to realize you outlasted 6,683 and won the greatest poker tournament on Earth!? Not to mention you get to take home 10 million buckaroos!? It [...]

Poker Like a Rock Star … Daniel Negreanu

Antonio Esfandiari | October 15, 2014

I want to use my experience with Daniel as a learning tool for all of those reading who are open to it. I believe there is a great opportunity to walk away with a tool that so many of us don’t put into action in our very own lives. At the core of it, we [...]

Poker Like a Rockstar … Burning Man 2014

Antonio Esfandiari | September 15, 2014

Antonio’s annual quest for dirty love I’ve been a “burner” going on four years. It’s one week a year; one week that I that I can’t stop talking about for the remaining 51 weeks, each year outshining the last. This year was exceptional. I did it all: explored, loved, laughed loud, and best of all, [...]

Poker Like a Rockstar … Fast Food

Antonio Esfandiari | August 15, 2014

This stuff is killing you, wake up As of 2012, there were 263,944 fast-food restaurants in America with a combined revenue of well over $100 billion. Surely you must be confused. You thought you were reading BLUFF the poker magazine? You opened to an article by Antonio (me) and the first thing you read is [...]

Poker like a rockstar … The highs & the lows

Antonio Esfandiari | July 15, 2014

The magician has felt loss on an epic scale I sit on a flight from Vegas to Park City. After the WSOP is over, I always like to get out of town as quickly as possible. Being in Vegas during the summer for nearly two months can take its toll on you. The heat. The [...]


Antonio Esfandiari | June 15, 2014

How many people can you count on? A very interesting topic came to light recently during a game of LoddenThinks. Trust. We all know poker players are actually quite trustworthy. For instance, I can meet a guy at a table and in no time I would feel completely comfortable doing financial poker business with him [...]