Articles by: Lance Bradley

The Reality of Fantasy

Lance Bradley | September 15, 2014

Jon Aguiar made the jump from poker to the sports gaming world, and he’s fitting right in Logan International Airport in Boston is hardly the place where life-changing decisions are normally made. Sure, people come and go every day — arriving from or leaving for the adventures they’ll spend the rest of their days reminiscing [...]


Lance Bradley | August 15, 2014

On the cover of the Aug. 22 issue of Newsweek — once one of the most respected news magazines in the country — is a boy, maybe 10 years old, holding up a tablet with a clip art royal flush sloppily pasted on it. The story attached to it details how the expansion of regulated [...]

Editor’s Letter … In honor of a good man

Lance Bradley | July 15, 2014

August Poker is a game of decisions. Often times those decisions are tough ones. We’ve all seen hands play out on TV where one player is left with a decision and takes several minutes to act. Sometimes however the decisions are easy ones. When Chad Brown lost his fight with cancer on July 2 we [...]

Adelson gets what Adelson wants

Lance Bradley | June 15, 2014

To be clear, PokerNews and BLUFF are competitors. It’s more or less a friendly competition though — it isn’t Yankees/Red Sox by any stretch. We share a lot of things, and a passion for poker is one of them. A bigger organization than BLUFF, PokerNews is, in some respects, the current standard by which other [...]

Hellmuth Turns 50

Lance Bradley | June 15, 2014

Later this month Phil Hellmuth will turn 50. That’s right. The poker player who has had more temper tantrums on ESPN than every Scripps Spelling Bee contestant ever will enter his own personal Golden Age. As the milestone birthday approaches, Hellmuth’s place in poker history is secure. He holds all the WSOP records that matter [...]

Editor’s Letter: 49 Days of Fun

Lance Bradley | May 15, 2014

The World Series of Poker will take up 49 days of the summer. Seven weeks of dreams coming true. Seven weeks of hearts being broken. Seven weeks of grinding event after event in hopes of capturing the one thing that poker players of all skill levels and bankrolls dream of winning: a bracelet. For 10 [...]

Rebel With a Cause

Lance Bradley | May 15, 2014

Vanessa Selbst wants to take on more than poker If you were to write down everything you know about Vanessa Selbst you’d probably quickly come up with a few things that have been driven home about her since she burst onto the poker scene. She went to Yale. She’s a lesbian. She’s the all-time leading [...]