Articles by: Paul McGuire

The Tao of Pauly … James Toback

Paul McGuire | February 15, 2015

A member of the Degen Hall of Fame Degen. The word is an integral part of poker vernacular and commonly used as both as a noun and a verb. Abbreviated from degenerate, the usage of degen is the opposite of a term of endearment. Although degen is a dismissive term, it has been embraced in [...]

The Tao of Pauly … Electric Kool-Aid Vegas

Paul McGuire | November 15, 2014

Someone get this guy a nap “Your action, Pauly,” said Spielberg. “What’s the raise?” “8K,” said Jake Plummer. “Really, Jake? I thought we’re friends? You know I have a short stack? You really want to risk doubling or tripling me up just to steal the blinds?” “If you had something, you would have already shoved,” [...]

On the road … West L.A. Murderers’ Row

Paul McGuire | October 15, 2014

Nothing is better than friends “That dude from ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ lives across the street,” said our host, Shane. “No way,” I said. “We should invite him to the game. If he’s good, then it’s a great spot for him because we’re a bunch of dead-money donks. If 90210 is atrocious and a degen, then [...]

On the Road: Black Hawk, Colorado

Paul McGuire | September 15, 2014

Pot, Chowder, Poker and Asshats She dealt like a robot. Like a fast robot. Born in Laos, Pot had been pitching cards in different casinos in Black Hawk, Colorado, for several years. “Pot in Colorado has been legal for only a few months,” she deadpanned while washing the deck before firing out a round of [...]

The Tao of Pauly … Barcelona and the Early Days of the EPT

Paul McGuire | August 15, 2014

The European Poker Tour reached its 100th event. The cliché fits. Time flies. It really feels like yesterday I was covering the 2005 Barcelona Open, the EPT’s eighth overall event. Only a couple months earlier I was an earnest rookie at the 2005 World Series of Poker wandering around the Amazon Room’s poker tables in [...]

Chad Brown, Star of Gold

Paul McGuire | July 15, 2014

Playboy Mansion. 2006. I leaned over to Chad Brown and said, “Can you believe this? Two Bronx guys hanging out in Hugh Hefner’s backyard? When you were a kid, you ever think that would ever happen?” “It’s like a dream,” smirked Chad Brown. Although separated in age by a decade, Chad Brown and I grew [...]

The Tao of Poker … The Duality of Phil Hellmuth

Paul McGuire | June 15, 2014

The other man in black is a man of parts “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend,” is one of the most famous lines from John Ford’s western “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.” At this point in his career, Hellmuth is more of a legend than a myth. Few strands of mystery and [...]