Articles by: Paul McGuire

The Tao of Poker … The World Series of Spectacle

Paul McGuire | May 15, 2014

The WSOP is a circus and all are welcome The World Series of Poker. A spectacle within a spectacle. Las Vegas, a spectacle itself, unabashedly celebrates bacchanalian hedonism, ravenous greed, and lewd extravagance. Almost nothing can triumph the absurdity of Sin City itself, yet the WSOP perennially rises to the occasion by delivering everything it [...]

The Tao of Poker … Bruce Lee’s No Style

Paul McGuire | April 15, 2014

You know … be like water During the peak of my online poker grinding days, I embraced the philosophical teachings and fighting style of Bruce Lee. I know what you’re thinking … what the heck does the world’s most renowned kung fu action star know about philosophy? And how does Bruce Lee help me become [...]

Kings and Little Men

Paul McGuire | March 15, 2014

A singular, forceful personality can alter the entire vibe of a table. It only takes one asshole to ruin a good time, but one magnanimous person can transform the most boring table into a raucous affair. Behold, the table captain. There’s one at every poker table, whether you realize it or not. The most responsible [...]

The Secret Life … Philip Seymour Hoffman, and “Owning Mahowny”

Paul McGuire | February 15, 2014

“Some folks believe everyone has a public life, a private life, and a secret life.” That’s the opening line of “Owning Mahowny,” a 2003 film about gambling addiction and subsequent bank fraud that was based on a true story. 1982. Brian Molony, a banker from Toronto, embezzled $10.2 million from his employer, the Canadian Imperial [...]

Origins of Jesse May’s ‘Shut Up and Deal’

Paul McGuire | January 15, 2014

In “Shut Up and Deal,” author Jesse May captured a specific time in poker history at the end of the 20th century before a truly paranoid post-9/11 rattled America and several years before the online poker boom detonated into a global phenomena. North America has experienced multiple booms and busts over the last 150 years. [...]

Rounders, Relationships and Mulligans

Paul McGuire | December 15, 2013

I saw “Rounders” in an actual movie theater. Fifteen years ago. Fall of 1998. At the time, it seemed like an unknown film that came out of nowhere. Didn’t see a trailer or a single movie poster plastered around Seattle. I heard regulars at a weekly home game in Fremont insist we all see “Rounders,” [...]

Shaniac Mexico Robusto

Paul McGuire | November 15, 2013

Shane “Shaniac” Schleger is the personification of the Japanese proverb: “Fall eight times, get up nine.” Shaniac fell on hard times more times than he can count, but the PokerStars Team Online pro always stood back up and kept fighting. Any degen can boost their bankroll and then dust it off in epic fashion, but [...]