Articles by: Phil Laak

Being Phil Laak … Gambling against the system

Phil Laak | February 22, 2015

Losing the money to the law isn’t worth the risk If you are going to gamble, it is not only important to do the math, but to also recheck the math every so often. The math sometimes changes. Let me explain by example. In California, we have freeways. (They call highways highways on the east [...]

Being Phil Laak … Learning early about the 6 P’s

Phil Laak | November 15, 2014

Who knew clip-on ties were a teaching tool I went to a Catholic school from third to sixth grade. We had to wear ties. Lame. We also had to wear light blue button-down shirts with the tie. More lame. And on top of it all we had to have our shirts “tucked in.” The lamest [...]

Being Laak … Computers, Caves & A Monster Table

Phil Laak | October 15, 2014

Today, I got a new computer. It is so fast that the words I am typing actually appear before I even type them. This makes it tricky to write but I am amazing and when you are amazing you can out type even the fastest computers. For what it’s worth, I originally started this article [...]

Being Phil Laak … Trees, Clapping and Terra Fish

Phil Laak | September 15, 2014

Phil tries his hand and Zen interpretation If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What is the sound of one hand clapping? If you lose 5K to a Terra Fish, did you really lose it? The first two questions have been around [...]

Being Phil Laak … Finding a Game on Television

Phil Laak | August 15, 2014

Phil plays “Underground Poker” A long time ago Antonio and I luck boxed our way into a show called “I Bet You.” It was a blast. It happened fast. And then it was all over. Only much later did we realize how lucky we had been. Most shows never make it to air. Oftentimes projects [...]

Being Phil Laak … The big picture is under water

Phil Laak | July 15, 2014

A few years ago, I flooded six apartments by being a total space cadet. It all started simple enough. I decided to take a bubble bath. Really Phil, a bubble bath? Is that really you? Well, no, actually it isn’t. In fact, my last one was over a decade ago. However, I had the urge, [...]

Laak’s 2014 WSOP so far …

Phil Laak | June 15, 2014

As I write this article we are about one third of the way through WSOP 2014. Here is a quick recap … I bet the river with quad fours in razz and showed after he folded. Tom McEvoy witnessed it. Said it was the first “fully hidden, bet on the river, get the fold, show [...]