Editor’s Letter: 49 Days of Fun

The World Series of Poker will take up 49 days of the summer. Seven weeks of dreams coming true. Seven weeks of hearts being broken. Seven weeks of grinding event after event in hopes of capturing the one thing that poker players of all skill levels and bankrolls dream of winning: a bracelet.

Lance BradleyFor 10 years now the Rio Hotel & Casino has been the host for poker’s most important event. Over that time the WSOP has grown, expanded, changed, developed, and evolved to the point where it is today. There’s a total of 65 events on the schedule, with all kinds of game variants, based largely on feedback from players via social media.

Black Friday feels like a millennium ago. Players have undergone all kinds of stress tests since then and, by and large, they’ve passed them all. The game of poker is in a good place right now and it’s only going to keep improving, particularly in the U.S. as more and more states begin to regulate online poker.

So as the seven weeks of the WSOP drag on, keep that in mind. Playing the game — whether you’re a pro looking to add to your legacy, an amateur taking a shot in a couple of events or a first-timer, nervous, anxious and excited all rolled into one — is something you first did because it was enjoyable. It was fun.

And it still is fun. As the grind wears on, as the bad beats pile up, as the bad beat stories get to be too much, as the temperature in the Amazon Room rises and falls like a nursing student working at The Rhino, as the registration lines take a little bit too long, keep in mind that you’re playing a game you love, you’re working for yourself and you’re in control of your own destiny.

Ignore everything else. Enjoy the game. Celebrate the players.

Lance Bradley
Editor in Chief

June 2014