European Poker Rankings

In any sport, people always want to know who’S top dog. The European rankings were devised to show who the top performing players are on the European poker scene. Since its inception in 2000 there have been three winners: Pascal Perrault of France in 2000, Marcel Luske of Holland in 2001 and Gary Bush of England in 2002.

The European rankings run year-on-year, and award points based on
three factors: position, buy-in, and number of entries.

Position Factor
Position Factor Position Factor Position Factor
1. 150 4. 80 7. 50
2. 120 5. 70 8. 40
3. 100 6. 60 9. 30

Buy-In Factor
Buy-in Euros Buy-in Factors
1 – 399 2
400 – 749 3
750 and Above 4
Entry Factor
# of Entries Entry Factors
1 – 49 1
50 – 99 2
100 – 149 3
150 and above 4

These three factors are multiplied together to establish a player’s ranking points for each event. For example, a player who places second in a tournament that has a 1,000 buy-in with a hundred and twenty-five entries, would receive 120 x 4 x 3 = 1,440 ranking points.

To help level the playing field, and not favor players able to play in more tournaments than others, it was decided in 2003 that only players’ top ten results would count towards the overall ranking list, and their top five results would count towards the individual games lists (Hold‘em, Omaha and 7-card Stud).

This year’s rankings are hotly contested, with only 60 points difference
between first and second places. David Mehrmand, a businessman from Germany who travels to most of the major European tournaments, leads the All Games list. First place in the £500 Pot-limit Hold’em, and second place in the £2,000 No-limit Hold’em European Championships held at London’s Victoria Casino over the summer, earned David £93,000 and 3,240 ranking points. Professional poker player Lucy Rokach is currently placed second on the All Games list, and is leading the Hold‘em list. Lucy, a former schoolteacher from Egypt, who now resides in England, is best-known by her intriguing nickname, ‘Golden Ovaries’. Her aggressive style of play means she takes no prisoners, and always pushes for first prize. She has made three final tables this year in No-limit Hold‘em, and has taken first place in each event.

Other players in the running for the title are Dave Colclough (England) and John Kabbaj (England). The 2002 winner, Gary Bush, also stands a good chance. With fourteen final-table appearances, he currently lies in seventh place with 5,160 points. One great result could easily see him in the top slot yet again.

The next major stop on the European tournament trail is the Master Classics of Poker held November 6 – 12 at the Holland Casino in Amsterdam. Buy-ins range from 220 to the 5,000 Lido International, and the Holland Casino is adding 63,000 to the prize pool for the week.


    # of Events Ranking Points
1st David Mehrmand (Germany) 6 6,300
2nd Lucy Rokach (England) 4 6,240
3rd Dave Colclough (England) 8 5,940
4th John Kabbaj (England) 5 5,600
5th Serge Kammerer (France) 9 5,480
6th Dave ‘DevilFish’ Ulliott (England) 5 5,220
7th Garry Bush (England) 10 5,160
8th Roy ‘The Boy’ Brindley (Ireland) 9 4,740
9th Willie Tann (England) 7 4,730
10th Marcel Lüske (Holland) 5 4,140


    # of Events Ranking Points
1st Lucy Rokach (England) 3 6,000
2nd David Mehrmand (Germany) 4 5,460
3rd John Kabbaj (England) 4 5,120
4th Willie Tann (England) 5 4,430
5th Dave Colclough (England) 5 4,360
6th Dave ‘DevilFish’ Ulliott (England) 4 4,320
7th Marcel Lüske (Holland) 4 3,840
8th Roy ‘The Boy’ Brindley (Ireland) 5 3,600
9th Garry Bush (England) 5 3,480
10th Joseph Gresch (England) 5 3,420


    # of Events Ranking Points
1st Rob Hollink (Holland) 4 1,680
2nd Barny Boatman (England) 4 1,660
3rd Emmanuel Sebag (England) 2 1,540
4th Dave Colclough (England) 2 1,280
5th Benjamin Roberts (England) 1 1,200
6th Brian Johnson (England) 1 1,200
7th Harry Casagrande (Austria) 2 980
8th Jacky Zhang (China) 2 960
8th Patrick Bruel (France) 1 960
8th Alex Leviev (Austria) 3 960
8th Jim Reid (Ireland) 3 960
8th Marion Flock (Germany) 2 960


    # of Events Ranking Points
1st Joachim Sanjestra (Austria) 2 2,100
2nd Dimitri Gasetovici (USA) 1 1,800
3rd Van Bum Nguyen (Germany) 1 1,440
4th Wolfgang Wessin (Austria) 1 1,350
5th Sergei Pevzner (Russia) 1 1,080
6th Istvan Hamori (Hungary) 2 1,020
7th Willie Pollaschek (Austria) 1 960
8th N Kheradmand 1 900
8th K Gerhard (Austria) 1 900
8th Theo Jorgensen (Denmark) 1 900
December 2004
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