Laak’s 2014 WSOP so far …

As I write this article we are about one third of the way through WSOP 2014. Here is a quick recap …
I bet the river with quad fours in razz and showed after he folded. Tom McEvoy witnessed it. Said it was the first “fully hidden, bet on the river, get the fold, show the hand win the pot” quads he had ever seen. And this of course was good enough for me.

Phil Laak wearing ski goggles at the poker tableMy buddy King Rast final tabled (fourth) event No. 13. The 10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball. Paul Volpe bested Negreanu for his first bracelet on that one. (Mercier got third fwiw).

Ahhh … what else? Oh yeah …

I got massively lost coming back from a 15 minute tournament break. As I ambled along it occurred to me that I had no idea where I had been playing. Not just table number but room as well. My buy-in receipt was of some use. When they moved me to a different table it was also in a different room. So I knew it was one of two rooms. But that was as good as I could do on my own. With more time I could beat the “find my seat” game, but alas, the break was nearly done. The thought of my 13 blinds getting chiseled away was too much for me to handle. I swallowed my pride and went to a floor man, and then he went to the microphone, and then I went to my table.

As they kindly waived me over I couldn’t help but wonder … Was this more of an “Einstein in the quad speaking to Niels Bohr for 30 minutes and then asking Bohr if he had been walking toward the dining commons or away from them … (so that he could determine if he had eaten lunch or not)” kind of moment, or was this more of a “Phil, you are legit space cadet and need to snap out of it” kind of moment? I was wistful and settled on a blend.

Either way, I now occasionally take out microphone insurance. Anyone can do it. Just snap a quick pic of the placard above your table (section color and table number!) before you leave for your break.

I discovered that if you float you have an edge over your opponents. And when I say float I mean yes, float on water. They also call it wake surfing. (Not wake boarding fwiw but wake surfing.) Wake surfing is about as legit as it gets … A special boat makes huge waves and you surf them. The more I float, the more I win. Fully correlated. Confirmed. No need for training videos, all sorted now. Case closed.

I also discovered that there does exist the perfect watch. One of the Internet genius kids at my table had it on. Written on the face was the word “now.” That was it. No second hand, no minute hand, and no hour hand. The most accurate watch ever! Straight legit.

I found out that the project Antonio and I worked on did not air in April. It would seem that July is the new air date. Barring more delays, then July I suppose it will be. I wrote about it a few months ago, but the cliffs are this: Played some home games in New Orleans, brought a camera crew, had a lot of fun, and the Discovery Network plans on airing the final edit sometime in July.

I discovered that you can still drop thousands of dollars in Vegas and have the money returned to you. My faith in the world seems to always be moving in the right direction. Thank you Brandon Ho for finding Jennifer’s 5,000 chip and returning it. You are awesome!

I discovered a few people making their own almond milk. Leave it to poker players to go way, way, way beyond the call of duty when it comes to good clean living! Who would have thought it! Poker players!

On that note … Hats off to All American Dave (and his crew) for getting us the best food EVER!!! Eat better — Be better! If you find yourself craving ideal — tasty — nutrient rich — all organic — amazing food, then you are lucky. That is his specialty. (And as a bonus if you want to stand in front of a HUGE cooling fan while you are waiting for your food, you can do that too! He just so happens to have one!)

Anyway, that’s it for now … Catch you later …

July 2014