Top Ranked Tournament Players

The player rankings are compiled based on a number of criteria, the most important of which being that the top ranked players must be consistently playing and succeeding in the biggest online tournaments. Top players’ opinions are regularly sought on who the best players are, but the main source of information is the rigorous observation of tournaments on a daily basis by the PocketFives staff. Rankings are updated weekly to reflect recent results, but the players at or near the top have all been proving their abilities over a longer period of time.

1. JohnnyBax – Hardly disputable as the top online tournament player this year, he can consistently be found at the final tables of $100+ tournaments on all the major sites. Won a WSOP bracelet in 7- card stud as well.

2. TheBeat – Or Pete Giordano, has finished in the top 5 of the PokerStars tournament leaderboard each of the last 3 years. His consistency is rarely if ever matched by other players. He also has a WPT final table under his belt.

3. Sheets – Eric Haber, backer for “The Crew” in the 2004 WSOP. A master of rebuy tournaments, but he also gets his share of final tables in freezeouts. One of the most aggressive and fearless players on the net.

4. SamENole – Matt Smith, a recent college graduate who has been consistently beating online poker for over a year. Picks his spots as well as anyone, and rarely gets his chips in without the best hand. Finished 2nd in the $1000 NLHE at the 2005 WSOP.

5. Gator93 – Full time professional online player who has won satellites to virtually every live event he’s tried for in the last year. He has had two cashes over $40k in 2005.

6. Gank – Brett Jungblut, former member of “The Crew.” One of the best all-around players on the net, regularly showing prowess in many different types of tournaments, including hold em, omaha, and omaha 8/b. Won a WSOP bracelet in 2004 in the $5k Omaha 8/b event.

7. P0ker H0 – Mark Kroon, a long time recreational player who found his niche playing online. He has won around 30 online satellites for major live events, as well as numerous other tournaments. Well known as an extremely hyper-aggressive player, who could be playing any two cards at any time.

8. Legggggggggy – A real “old school” player, who has been around the game since long before its popularity surged. Plays a tight-aggressive style, rarely making mistakes, and that style lands him at several final tables every week.

9. Brsavage – Chris Savage, who started playing within the last few years and quickly took a spot among the elite. He won 12 Aruba packages on UltimateBet in 2004, and has had several online cashes of $25k or more. Won a $1500 limit hold-em bracelet at the World Poker Open in 2005.

10. NSXT2 – Todd Arnold, a master of the psychology involved in the game. He is a professional player who is now sponsored by Paradise Poker. He has won more than 40 tournaments online in a little over a year, and has started to cause a stir in the major live tournaments.

A Look at Legggggggggy

You may all know me as that crazy poker player Legggggggggy, but in real life I’m an over the hill businessman raised in the 60’s looking for fun. Taught to bluff by my grandpa at age 4, I discovered online poker a few years back. After realizing that this allowed for all the spills and thrills one could ever imagine I figured “this beats watching TV.” Luckily I own a successful business, so when I go on a bad streak I can wake-up the next day and try try again. I try to play “right” and push with the best hand, but after playing many hands on many sites, I’ve discovered that nothing is more important than betting hard, even without the best hand. Having position and a feel for your opponents is very good. Separate the great players from the good players and the awful players, and take calculated risks when you need to. Waiting for monsters will ensure that “when or if” you get one, you will get a bad beat because it’ll be so cheap to bust you! One time I was trying to fold, but my puppy “Rockyboy” jumped on my lap and “oops” pushed my hand on the mouse from fold to raise only to suck out and win me a monster pot with 2- 8…. Yesss! (I got him a stripper “poodle” for the night for his “input”) Funny game we play. Sometimes the smarter we play, the less we win! So my advice is to be the bettor, never the caller! And always have fun and don’t lose more than you can afford!

Favorite Site: UltimateBet (sometimes)

Most hated site: Pokerstars (always)

Favorite Game: Pot limit Omaha

Worst Game: Pot limit Omaha

Favorite Online Player: Lil Knuckle

Best online player: WestTexasMan (sober only)

Biggest Win: Party Poker Sunday $200 multi (twice in 1 month)

Best Week: Won $200 multi on UltimateBet, three $150 tourneys on Paradise Poker, Legends of Poker seat on Paradise, $30 rebuy on Paradise, $100 on Party Poker and 2 WSOP main event seats Pokerstars (not bad huh?)

Worst Week: Every week since

November 2005