How many people can you count on?

A very interesting topic came to light recently during a game of LoddenThinks. Trust.

We all know poker players are actually quite trustworthy. For instance, I can meet a guy at a table and in no time I would feel completely comfortable doing financial poker business with him based PURELY on his word.

For you non-pros out there I will break it down. A buddy of mine (or a guy I just met) goes to play in a big game and sells me a piece. He would do that for a multiple of reasons. The main reason usually being the game is too big and the person playing does not want to risk too much of their bankroll. I am somewhere else doing whatever I do in life — I’m not there. And meanwhile, this person is playing in a game where anything can happen. If he loses, I lose and if he wins, I make a little dough. And the only way I know how I did at the end of the session is by what this player tells me.

Antonio EsfandiariA lot of people in the real world would think of that concept to be absolutely nuts. How could you possibly know how the player did? They could VERY easily win and just say they broke even or won less than they actually did. Yes, this is all very true. As much as we have all heard of some dicey things happening in the poker world, I genuinely believe that MOST legit poker players are some of the most honest breeds of humans out there.

I HAVE met a guy at a poker table and before even knowing his name taken a piece of him in something. There is a certain code of ethics and certainly an “understanding” that your word is it. All you have in the gambling business is your word. And until somebody breaks it, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Getting back to the interesting topic of trust. How many people in your life do you trust 100 percent? How many non-family (and surprisingly enough that doesn’t always change it much) members do you trust 100 percent?

Say your net worth is 1 million bucks. If you sold the house and the car and whatever you had stockpiled in the bank, you would have a net worth of 1 milly. Some crazy thing happens to you and you have to LEAVE the country for five years. You cannot take your money with you. Who would you leave it with KNOWING that when you got back it would be here waiting for you? Is there one person? Two? Three? How many? If you have even ONE, I think you are running above average.

Us poker players, however, have more than one. Personally, I can say there are five non-family friends that I wouldn’t even blink to leave the money with. I have been very fortunate in my life to have the friends that I have. There are quite a few more guys I definitely trust and would feel pretty comfortable doing that with — but five that I don’t even have to sweat. It’s a nice feeling.

What really matters in life are your relationships. Not your money. Not your success. What do the people you love think of you? At the end of the day we all want love. To love and to be loved. And in order to have unconditional love there needs to be trust. I hear these crazy stories of moms suing their kids and all sorts of nonsense and I just think to myself, “How is this possible?” How can any mother and son have the type of relationship where they are suing one another?

Think about the people you trust in your life. Next time you seem them take them aside give them a real big hug and thank them for giving you that amazing gift.


July 2014