2009 WCOOP Events #29 and #30: Make it Two Wins for g0lfa

To win a World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) bracelet is a great accomplishment. To win two puts you in the elite company of just two other people. To win two in the span of a week is just downright impressive.

That is exactly what Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo did over the course of Monday night into Tuesday morning in Event #29, a $320 buy-in Half Pot Limit Hold’em/Half Pot Limit Omaha tournament. Just five days after prevailing over a field of 999 players in the $320 8 Game Event #18, D’Angelo took down his second WCOOP bracelet, triumphing over a field of 1,407 in another dominating performance in which he amassed the chip lead and never looked back.

D’Angelo now joins the like of Kyle “kwob20″ Bowker and “spawng” in the elite group of two-time bracelet winners. It also propelled him to the top of this year’s Player of the Series leaderboard, past previous points leader George Danzer, who sits with 190 points to D’Angelo’s 220.

While D’Angelo’s victory was the talk of the tournament, several other players performed well in Event #29, including Steve “gboro780″ Gross (60th), Andre “aakkari” Akkari (46th), Ben “benba” Lamb (19th) and Corey “Comandr_Cool” Burbick, who joined D’Angelo at the final table:

Seat 1: spassewr (254,631)
Seat 2: alfito775 (1,113,761)
Seat 3: Guldgraveren (606,233)
Seat 4: Comandr_Cool (1,026,200)
Seat 5: groengras (575,027)
Seat 6: g0lfa (1,936,388)
Seat 7: MrCoco (759,265)
Seat 8: Monam1 (310,868)
Seat 9: DarthFisumus (452,627)


It took only a few hands before the first player fell at the hands of g0lfa. “Guldgraveren” looked to double up with pocket queens, but ran into g0lfa’s pocket aces, which held to eliminate Gudlgraveren in 9th place and boost g0lfa’s chip stack even higher.

Comandr_Cool did his best to keep pace with the chip leader with an elimination of his own. A short stacked “spassewr” got it all-in preflop against Comandr_Cool in the Omaha round holding A Q J 3 to Comandr_Cool’s A 5 K T. Comandr_Cool’s king kicker played on the A 2 2 flop and the situation remained unchanged with the 2 on the turn. Even though the Q paired spassewr’s queen, Comandr_Cool still had the best of it with trip deuces with an ace and a king kicker and spassewr was out in 8th place.

Chip leader g0lfa hit a minor set back after doubling up an extremely short “Monam1” twice and Comandr_Cool once again leapt at the opportunity to close the gap between himself and the chip lead. In the Omaha round, “alfito775” raised from the cutoff and Comandr_Cool reraised from the button. Action folded back around to alfito775, who moved all-in for the last of their 650,000 chips with A K K 2. Comandr_Cool called and showed A J J Q. The T 9 6 flop brought an open-ended straight draw for Comandr_Cool and picked up a flush draw as well with the 6 on the turn. The river 7 brought the flush to eliminate alfito775 and give Comandr_Cool the 1.3 million chip pot, putting him within 300,000 chips of g0lfa’s 2.3 million chip stack.

Comandr_Cool was so close and yet so far, as “DarthFisumus” doubled through him on the very next hand when their A A 8 4 made a club flush against Comandr_Cool’s A A Q 9. Comandr_Cool was not down for the count yet though. He would rally back to win several pots, turning the final table into a two horse race as he and g0lfa hovered above the 2 million chip mark while the other four players were hanging in there with less than 800,000 chips.

“MrCoco” responded by building their stack back up over a million chips while Monam1’s attempt to double up was foiled by g0lfa, whose 8 T got the best of Monam1’s Q 9 to eliminate them in 6th place. MrCoco’s rise would be short-lived as well. First they doubled up a short-stacked DarthFisumus when their Q J prevailed over MrCoco’s 8 8. Then MrCoco ran 7 7 into Comandr_Cool’s J J. The A 6 4 4 3 board sent MrCoco to the rail in 5th place and boosted Comandr_Cool up to 2.3 million chips.

Comandr_Cool would quickly drop a million of those, most of which went to “groengras” when their A Q 7 2 prevailed over Comandr_Cool’s J T 9 8 to double up. A little later, 500,000 more chips from Comandr_Cool’s stack disappeared, this time doubling up DarthFisumus when their J 8 flopped a boat against Comandr_Cool’s pocket fives after all the chips went in preflop. The last of Comandr_Cool’s chips would go to g0lfa after they got it all-in preflop with Comandr_Cool holding A 7 to g0lfa’s T T. The tens held and Comandr_Cool was out in 4th place.

At the start of 3-handed play g0lfa held 5.7 million to groengras’ 970,000 and DarthFisumus’ 330,000. Groengras got the last of DarthFisumus’ chips when their A 8 defeated DarthFisumus’s J T.

G0lfa would get all of those in short order in an Omaha hand that got all-in before the flop. Groengras held A K T 7 to g0lfa’s A Q T 5. The 5 4 4 flop paired g0lfa’s five and the 2 on the turn brought groengras a flush draw. The river Q improved g0lfa’s two pair to give them the pot and the win. He ran the chip lead wire to wire at the final table and the effort netted him $29,245.51.

Here are the complete results from the final table of Event #29:

1st: Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo ($69,245.51)
2nd: groengras ($50,652.01)
3rd: DarthFisumus ($37,989.01)
4th: Corey “Comandr_Cool” Burbick ($28,280.71)
5th: MrCoco ($20,049.76)
6th: Monam1 ($15,828.76)
7th: alfito775 ($11.607.76)
8th: spassewr ($7,386.76)
9th: Guldgraveren (4,221.01)

Monday’s evening was capped off with a $320 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event that allowed each player to rebuy once and only once should they bust out within the first hour. Of the 2,488 entrants in Event #30, only 293 elected to use their rebuy option, but those, combined with the couple thousand buy-ins helped to create a prize pool of $834,000, easily besting the $600,000 guarantee.

Bluff Online Player of the Year ranked player “inhidonks” (86th), Ben “bfineman” Fineman (73rd), PokerStars Pro Gualter “stockcar99″ Salles (54th), Shane “Anbessa9″ Pacheco (38th), Jason “icufish” Smith (34th), Ben “Chong94″ Lefew (28th), Adam “Roothlus” Levy (24th) and Felipe “Improved” Montenegro (15th) all had deep runs, but here were the fortunate nine to make the final table:

Seat 1: spencerman3 (1,716,986)
Seat 2: buckguy2200 (2,696,185)
Seat 3: Akaperion (772,247)
Seat 4: DiverKRD (854,916)
Seat 5: grpoker2 (2,054,689)
Seat 6: BobbyDick66 (739,663)
Seat 7: Evilduke11 (1,290,717)
Seat 8: acehole60 (1,262,135)
Seat 9: Ginobili1988 (2,517,462)


After an extremely slow final two tables, the top nine flew threw the final table, finishing up play in just a couple of hours. The first elimination resulted from a bad beat in which “DiverKRD” got it all-in with A K and the best of it against the A Q of “spencerman3.” The flop brought Q T 5 to pair spencerman3’s queen and send DiverKRD to the rail in 9th place.

Spencerman3 continued their role as the table’s grim reaper when they knocked out not one, but two players in a single hand. “Evilduke11” moved all-in for almost 900,000 and “acehole60” reraised all-in for just 100,000 more. Spencerman3 flat called the both of them, everyone else folded and the hands were turned face up:

Evilduke11: A Q
acehole60: A K
spencerman3: Q Q

The board ran out J 8 6 4 8 and spencerman3’s queens held to bust out both players to win the massive pot and take a substantial chip lead.

Ginobili1988” gave spencerman3 a break from busting out players when their A Q bested the A 7 of Malte “Akaperion” Strothmann to eliminated him in 6th place. Spencerman3 took the reigns back shortly thereafter when they raised from under the gun and “BobbyDick66” reraised all-in from the small blind and spencerman3 called with A 4. BobbyDick66 was ahead with A 5, but the T 7 4 flop paired spencerman3’s four to take the advantage in the hand.The turn and river came 9 then 6 to give spencerman3 the hand and eliminate BobbyDick66 in 5th place.

Ginobili1988 was keeping up with spencerman3 as best he could and a nearly 5 million chip pot in which “buckguy2200” mucked after calling Ginobili1988’s big bet on the river when Ginobili showed his full house with 8 8 on the T 9 2 8 9 board. That hand left buckguy2200 short on chips and they got it all-in with 7 7 on the very next hand. “Grpoker2” called with A K and the board ran out 4 4 3 K Q to pair grpoker2’s king and trim the field to three players.

It would only take two hands and a coin flip to get the field down to heads-up play. Ginobili1988 and grpoker2 got it all-in preflop in a blind vs. blind confrontation with grpoker2 holding 5 5 and Ginobili1988 wielding A K. The K J T flop brought a pair of kings for Ginobili1988 but a flush draw for grpoker2. The 4 on the turn and A on the river brought no flush and it would be Ginobili1988 and spencerman3 heads-up for the bracelet.

Ginobili1988 had his opponent outchipped by just one million chips, but it took one five million chip pot in which spencerman8 made a full house of their own to take an almost 2-1 chip advantage. It would be a lengthy and hard fought heads-up battle, but Ginobili1988 could never recover the chip lead and it would all come to a close when both players limped into a pot and saw a flop of 9 4 2. Ginobili1988 led out from the big blind and spencerman3 called. The turn was the Q and Ginobili1988 check-called a bet from spencerman3. The river was the A and Ginobili1988 checked once again. Spencerman3 bet and Ginobili1988 quickly moved all-in. Spencerman3 called, showing A 2 for a rivered two pair, which bested Ginobili1988’s 9 5 to take the hand and the bracelet. Spencerman3 earned $131,819.41 for the victory.

Here are the complete results from the final table of Event #30:

1st spencerman3 ($131,819.41)
2nd: Ginobili1988 ($99,006.39)
3rd: grpoker2 ($70,915.51)
4th: buckguy2200 ($48,806.56)
5th: BobbyDick66 ($37,126.36)
6th: Malte “Akaperion” Strothmann ($28,783.36)
7th: acehole60 ($20,440,36)
8th: Evilduke11 ($12,097.36)
9th: DriverKRD ($7,091.56)

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