2013 BLUFF Reader’s Choice Nominees: Favorite Poker Blog

The poker landscape has seen a litany of changes in 2012, and as the year winds toward a close it’s once again time for the BLUFF Reader’s Choice Awards. Your votes will decide the winners in 14 unique categories covering all of the players, personalities, locations and content the poker world has to offer.

Today we look at the four nominees for favorite poker blog. There are certain stories and perspectives that you just aren’t going to find on mainstream news sites, and for that content you’d likely head to one of these four blogs for the latest scoop. The landscape has changed over the last year, with former stalwart Tao of Poker going dormant and thus falling from this year’s nominees.

Wicked Chops Poker (WickedChopsPoker.com)

The three-time winner is back to try to repeat for a fourth consecutive year as a BLUFF Reader’s Choice selection. While there were a few less “Girls on the Rail” this year, there coverage of the ongoing Full Tilt Poker saga and Howard Lederer was just one part of a strong news presence in 2012. The entities also kicked dirt on the failed Epic Poker League experiment, but even if your only reason for going there was to gawk at scantily clad girls you were not disappointed this year.

Hard-Boiled Poker (hardboiledpoker.blogspot.com)

Martin Harris, a.k.a. Short Stacked Shamus, travels the world as a poker reporter and gives keen insights into the daily activity on the tournament circuit from the front lines. When he’s not on the road, he’s still providing well-informed opinions of poker from several different angles, including its influence on pop culture and the ongoing legal implications for poker in the United States.

Diamond Flush Poker (DiamondFlushPoker.com)

If you were interested in the ongoing Full Tilt Poker situation, from the shutdown through the relaunch and everything in between, you would have been making a mistake if you didn’t check in with Diamond Flush Poker. They kept tabs on each of the trials of the Black Friday defendants and their various settlements, as well as the ongoing legal issues of Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer. More recently, the broke down the Lederer files and some of the shortcomings in Lederer’s answers, and were poised to do an interview of their own with the disgraced former head of Full Tilt before he backed out.

Pokerfuse (pokerfuse.com)

Pokerfuse describes itself as a provider of “Independent Online Poker News”, and it’s not just the ongoing mess in the United States that they’re focused on. The ongoing issues being faced in countries like Greece, Germany, France and throughout the EU have been highlighted as of late on pokerfuse, but that’s not to say they’ve been lacking in their coverage of issues like American Full Tilt Poker player reimbursement. Pokerfuse and Diamond Flush Poker each hope that they’re able to unseat the juggernaut that is Wicked Chops Poker in their first year of nomination.

Voting for the 2013 BLUFF Reader’s Choice Awards opens on November 28 at BLUFF.com.
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