BLUFF Revamps Player of the Year Race for 2011

Here at BLUFF, we are always trying to improve, so when it came time to prepare for the 2011 BLUFF Player of the Year race, we decided to do a little tinkering. We certainly feel as though our old system pinpointed some of the top players in the game, but we also realized that we needed to adapt to the growing tournament landscape.

First, we have expanded the tournaments that qualify for the race to include any that meet the requirements listed on the Player of the Year formula page. Invitational events do not qualify for POY points and, for the first time, there are minimum field size requirements on events. Most tournaments will require at least 100 runners to qualify for points. The $10,000-$24,999 buy-in events will need at least 48 runners to qualify and events with buy-ins higher than $25,000 will need at least 27 players to qualify.

The other major change to the Player of the Year race is that only a player’s top ten cashes through the calendar year will count towards their standing in the race.

“The Player of the Year formula has always been evolving and we’re pretty happy with the changes for 2011,” says BLUFF Editor-in-Chief Lance Bradley.  “It’s sure to make for an exciting race for the title this year but more importantly we think it’s going to be truly reflective of who the best tournament player on the planet is.”

The scoring formula will remain relatively unchanged, with finishing position, buy-in, and number of entrants all determining the number of points earned. The buy-ins for rebuy and multiple entry events will be determined by dividing the total prize pool by number of runners in the event. There are also some slight changes to the how heavily the buy-in weighs a given score.

You can check out the complete breakdown of the 2011 BLUFF Player of the Year rules and qualifications on the POY formula page. The new points should start showing up on the site shortly and we will be back with our weekly POY updates for this year’s race in a couple of weeks.

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