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LockPoker has its first professional player under contract with the signing of online poker superstar and Bluff contributor Eric "Rizen" Lynch.
LockPoker has its first professional player under contract with the signing of online poker superstar and Bluff contributor Eric "Rizen" Lynch.

Eric “Rizen” Lynch announced he signed with on Wednesday, becoming the online poker room‘s first sponsored professional.

Lynch announced his partnership with the Cake Poker Network site on his Web site the day the 40th Annual World Series of Poker began.

“I’m definitely excited to be an integral part of Lock in the coming months and years,” Lynch said in an interview with ” I think I’ll be able to provide a unique perspective for them and they’ll use the input that I give wisely.

“I’m on board partially for what I can do as a representative, but largely for my expertise as an online poker player to help them make the site better,” he said.

Lynch would not disclose the terms of his contract, but said, “It’s definitely with an eye to the much longer term.”

Lynch and Lock Poker began working together during the Bluff Online Poker Challenge (BOPC) in March when the site hosted the tournament of top online players. Brian “Sno0oman” Hawkins won the event, Lynch placed fifth.

Lynch said what attracted him to was the site’s business philosophies and committment to a mutual parternship between the site and its players.

“I’ll actually be involved in the brainstorming, idea, and implementation phases of changes and promotions on the site from a pro player perspective, kind of as an advocate for online players,” Lynch said.

Not only will he be making suggestions, but Lynch said he would also take suggestions from other online players for ways to better and online poker in general.

“The most important investment we can make is into the players themselves. said Jennifer Larson, Founder and CEO of Lock Poker. “Their voice has been lost by the apathy of this industry. The players are the reason for the success and really have made it what it is. We at Lock Poker believe it’s time to put the player first. They are our only asset. Players have a choice. We want to be that choice. And that we have to earn.”

“I am definitely excited to be a part of a new site with a fresh perspective,” he said. “I think it will be exciting and I think the U.S. poker landscape has gotten a little dull the last year or two in terms of innovation.”

Lynch was first a member of the UltimateBet team last summer, but backed out of the agreement after four weeks due to the site’s cheating scandal, which he said had an influence on his decision.

“After I left the agreement with UB I quit playing on UB for the most part because I didn’t really feel that it was right for me to play on the site if I wasn’t comfortable endorsing it,” he said.

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