Florida Poker Bill Signed into Law

The Sunshine State officially signed a Bill into Law without the Governor’s signature on June 13, 2007 to increase betting limits in Florida. Along with increased stakes, favorable revisions were made to hours of operation, addition of No Limit games, and added card room prize giveaways.

The Bill HB 1377 will become effective July 1, 2007.

Prior to this Bill becoming law “No Limit” games were not part of Florida poker rooms unless conducted in a tournament setting. With this new law Florida poker players will be allowed to play at cash tables that have No Limit Texas Hold’em. A card room operator may conduct games of Texas Hold-em without a betting limit if the required player buy-in is no more than $100.

Increased stakes at “Limit” Texas Hold’em games are also now lawful under this legislation. Previous “Limit” Hold’em games consisted of $2/2 but now players in Florida can bet at $5/5 tables.

According to one player at a local “Best Bet” poker Cardroom in Jacksonville, Florida , “It’s about time they did something to make the games a little more interesting. I’m just happy they added No-Limit cash tables. The low stakes “Limit” games were a crap shoot because everyone called everything. It’s good timing too because it’s getting really hard to play poker online in the US with all the new laws passing.”

Tournament stakes have also increased according to HB 1377.

“The entry fee for a tournament may not exceed the max amount that could be wagered by a player in 10 like-kind non-tournament games.”

Many card rooms in Florida were previously set to only have $45 tournaments where most of the “buy-in” went towards the rake.

Because of such recent passing of the law many card rooms have not released their new blinds/ante/ and rake schedules. So far most card rooms like Pompano Harness in Ft. Lauderdale plan to have $1/2 and $2/5 “No Limit” Hold’em games.

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