FTOPS: JHoWn Wins Main While Tennisassxy Takes Down Two-Day Event

It was a huge day for online poker as FTOPS XVIII went out with a bang thanks to a quartet of tournaments with $7 million in guaranteed prize money. It was a big day with some big names at the final table and it was made all the more impressive by the fact that there was not a single overlay, even though the FTOPS Main Event boasted a guaranteed prize pool of $3 million.

Thanks to more than 5,000 players taking part in the FTOPS Main Event, there was a little over $3 million up for grabs, not to mention five six-figure paydays. The first place prize was scheduled to be a record-setting FTOPS payout in excess of half a million dollars, but thanks to a three-way deal at the final table, JHoWn, hilyaki, and ReifesEisen each took home over $330,000 instead. In addition to netting the biggest payday of more than $411,000, JHoWn also picked up the most coveted gold jersey of the series for the win, defeating a final table that included Lee “acumen53” Childs and Laurent “macqueen56” Bachelet.

Sunday also saw the conclusion of the prestigious Two-day FTOPS event, which also ended in a three way deal. It was third place finisher log1c07 who picked up the biggest payday of more than $354,000, but it was tennisassxy who earned the win and the jersey. That final table also included Matthias “goodvibe” Neu, Keith “DaMurdera3” Ferrera, and Phil “USCphildo” Collins.

A four-way deal in the six-handed Knockout tournament resulted in John “pixie183” Law picking up the win and over $200,000, while Timothy “timkrank” Miles took down nearly $185,000 for his outright win in the $150 rebuy event. While the two-day event produced a tough final table, the $150 rebuy event was arguably just as tough, boasting a line-up of Miles, EPT Monte Carlo winner Nicolas “nico11” Chouity, Matt “berkey11” Berkey, Rodney “BIGFLOPPER01” Burt, and Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad, who had the best showing of any Red Pro on the day with a fifth place finish worth more than $50,000.

The Player of the Series race also wrapped up on Sunday with WALL131TCI-I winning the prize package of FTOPS XIX buy-ins and, more importantly, the custom Full Tilt Poker avatar.

That wraps up the Full Tilt Online Poker Series for 2010. Players have the holidays to sit back and relax, but for US residents who are looking for something to keep busy with this week, there is always the PokerStars US-COOP, which got underway on Sunday as well.

Here are the final batch of results from FTOPS XVIII:

FTOPS Main Event: $600 + $40 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Event
Prize Pool: $3,013,800
Entrants: 5,023

1st: JHoWn ($411,932.13)*
2nd: hilyaki ($337,929.87)*
3rd: ReifesEisen ($380,313.00)*
4th: sik0tic27 ($192,883.20)
5th: Lee “acumen53” Childs ($144,511.71)
6th: kasper74 ($99,455.40)
7th: Leeba3443 ($64,796.70)
8th: Laurent “macqueen56” Bachelet ($45,207.00)
9th: UGOTGYPSYD ($31,644.90)

*denotes a three-way deal

Notable finishers: Brendon “Brendooor” Rubie (12th) and Anton “antesvante” Wigg (31st)

FTOPS Event 29: $2,000 + $100 Two-day No Limit Hold’em Event
Prize Pool: $2,176,000
Entrants: 1,088

1st: tennisassxy ($332,264.82)*
2nd: Yubaball ($342,175.25)*
3rd: log1c07 ($354,807.93)*
4th: Matthias “goodvibe” Neu ($179,520.00)
5th: gomore ($136,000.00)
6th: tehe stop it ($97,920.00)
7th: Keith “DaMurdera3” Ferrera ($65,280.00)
8th: Phil “USCphildo” Collins ($48,960.00)
9th: ericontilt ($34,816.00)

*denotes a three-way deal

Notable finishers: Scott “stpauli111” Hall (10th), Kenny “Hixx” Hicks (12th), Jakob “mendieta19” Carlsson (18th), Jon Turner (19th), Nick “PureCash25” Rampone (21st), and Erich Kollmann (26th)

FTOPS Event 32: $240 +$16 Six-handed Knockout No Limit Hold’em
Prize Pool: $1,098,000
Entrants: 5,490

1st: John “pixie183” Law ($202,484.41)*
2nd: MrSoprano8 ($117,298.52)*
3rd: LeMeWinPlz ($86,915.11)*
4th: LoLGoodCall ($86,545.52)*
5th: 01GrandPrixGT ($48,312.00)
6th: MAK123 ($32,940.00)

*denotes a four-way deal

Notable finishers: David “ComptonMasta” Barta (13th) and Matt “berkey11” Berkey (33rd)

FTOPS Event 33: $150 + $13 No Limit Hold’em w/ Rebuys
Prize Pool: $895,200
Entrants: 1,949 entrants, 2,501 rebuys, and 1,518 add-ons

1st: Timothy “timkrank” Miles ($184,411.20)
2nd: theman2892 ($121,747.20)
3rd: Matt “berkey11” Berkey ($90,415.20)
4th: Nicolas “nicos11” Chouity ($70,720.80)
5th: Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad ($52,816.80)
6th: foldimo ($36,703.20)
7th: WHENTHUGSCRY ($22,380.00)
8th: spikedag ($15,218.40)
9th: Rodney “BIGFLOPPER01” Burt ($10,742.40)

Notable finishers: David “Doc Sands” Sands (14th), Jamie “LeoEleven” Rosen (30th), and Dan O’Brien (33rd)

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