A.M. SCRAMBLE: Galfond Continues to Slide, WPT Going Live Tuesday, Zynga and Lady Gaga Team Up

On Sunday Daniel Negreanu was busy winning back some cash, not to mention a little bit of pride, in his SuperStar Showdown rematch with Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom. As such “KidPoker” was too busy to get to Rincon for the first day of the WSOP-Circuit Regional Championship $10,000 event. So he booked an early morning flight for Monday and flew in to beat the late registration deadline. Now he’s in eighth spot with 18 players left.

Phil Galfond Has Too Much Money. Yahoo Proves It.

Phil Galfond hates the stairs in your house.
Phil Galfond hates the stairs in your house.
Look, we’ve all had that conversation with a friend. Maybe you played puff-puff-pass and somebody started off with,¬†“When I’m a millionaire, I’m going to buy a house and have a huge trampoline”. Then your buddy one-upped everybody else.

“When I’m a millionaire I’m going to buy two condos and put a slide in from one to the other.” Everybody probably agreed this was a great idea and went back to listening to Pink Floyd.

While for most that’s a crazy pipe dream for Phil Galfond it’s reality. The 26 year old poker pro had his bachelor pad featured on Yahoo’s real estate section on Monday, largely because he actually bought two condos – one on top of the other – and then customized them with a metal slide connecting the two. It also has a staircase but that’s only going to be used for going up. Who on earth would ever walk down the stairs in this place?

Check out the full Yahoo Story Bachelor Builds Slide Between his NYC Apartments

WPT Final Table Going Live Tuesday and Jessie May is Excited.

If you don’t know Jesse May, he might be poker’s answer to Gus Johnson. Sure, he’s a good play-by-play guy for UK poker shows, but he gets excited about pretty much anything happening in front of him. So when the World Poker Tour announced that the final table of the WPT stop in Vienna would be streamed live (with a 30 minute delay) complete with hole cards and commentary it’s pretty easy to imagine May’s head exploding.

He did take to his blog on PartyPoker.com to write about how happy he was and his excitement is well deserved. May and Sexton will be in the booth beginning at 7:30 am ET to call the action. here’s the final table chip counts as eight players go for their shot at

  1. Gromov Dmitry – 5,325,000
  2. Ravnsbaek Simon – 3,265,00
  3. Kolosov Maksim – 1,870,000
  4. Adinolfi Mario – 1,620,000
  5. Noll Maximilian – 1,360,000
  6. Isaia Alessio – 1,320,000
  7. Jenisch Markus – 980,000
  8. Stroiescu Valentin – 925,000

The live streaming final table can be seen right here.

New Poker Chip Set is Gonna Cost Ya

There are hundres of websites that allow anybody to create a custom poker chip set. You can put a different family member on each denomination of chip or you can pick wild and crazy colors. No matter how wild you get you’re likely only going to be looking at maybe a couple hundred bucks, no more than tree fiddy.

That’s why Max Parker, a British designer of some repute, might just be the craziest guy on the planet right now. He’s designed a set that features 22,000 precious gems and it comes complete with a price tag of $7 milliion US. That’s right, for roughly the cost of a WNBA team you can get yourself a chip set that you’d never, ever want to use.

“This is not something your ordinary poker player will be able to afford and is aimed at the billionaire playboys,” said Parker.¬†“The set has only come out this week and already we have a few people interested in making a purchase.”

He’s acting like it’s all baller and stuff. Dude, it’s not a slide in your condo, it’s a gaudy looking chip set with chips made out of stingray skin. You’d be better off spending the money in a no download casino then buying these damned things.

Zynga Poker and Lady Gaga Team Up for Japan Relief

It’s pretty hard to read about poker all day and not see endless stories about Lady Gaga. Normally we pass over them because it’s usually just a writer who only knows the one Lady Gaga song and feels a need to mention it in there story (I believe it’s called “Poker Face”). But this one caught our eye. Gaga and the people behind the world’s largest online poker room, Zynga, got together to raise $4¬†million for the Japan relief efforts.

“What Zynga’s players have done for the cause is equally inspiring, and I’m thrilled to partner with them to raise money that will go to Save the Children and the American Red Cross,” said Gaga.

Zynga’s players have been able to donate the proceeds from all items purchased across their multitude of games, including FarmVille, MafiaWars, CityVille and Poker to the cause. Zynga players responded in a big way with $2.5 million coming from Zynga’s players and another $1.5 million coming from Gaga who sold “Pray for Japan” bracelets.

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