Interview: Alex Kamberis (AJKHoosier1)

Hey Alex, how has poker been going for you these days?

Hah. Instead of just giving the standard “fine” I guess I’ll be honest and say its been pretty rough… I’ve been doing OK online, but not getting as many firsts as I’d like.  Live poker has been brutal in many ways the past couple of months or so.  I’m winning, so I really shouldn’t complain but it’s been in the most frustrating ways possible!  lol.

Have you just been getting cold decked, or sick beats in the live events?

Ummm both? Lol.  Mostly the frustrating stuff has been the place I’ve finished more than just the hands themselves.  I bubbled both of prelims ($2k and $5k) I played at Foxwoods, then I took 28th in the $10k Main Event.  I got 9th in the $3k at the Wynn just before that.  I took a huuuuge 3 outer on the bubble at the Foxwoods event but still made a nice comeback.  I just couldn’t get it together.  I also took one of my worst coolers ever on day1 of Monte Carlo.  So I’m skipping the 25k at Bellagio and coolin’ off before the WSOP.

Damn that sounds rough.  Speaking of the WSOP how many events do you plan on playing?  Is there anyone you’re looking forward to or would like to win that sticks out in particular?

I’m pretty much going to play every NLHE and PLO tourneys that don’t overlap.  Last year I turned 21 just 3 days before the Main Event, so I couldn’t play any of the other events.  So I’m really excited.  I wouldn’t say any event in particular sticks out besides the Main, but I am honestly fiending for a bracelet.  Just about any will do!  lol.

What is your living situation looking like for the WSOP?  Are you getting a house with a bunch of players or just rooming in a hotel?

Me and a few online guys rented a house for the summer.  Its pretty nasty, pool, movie theater, sick entertainment system, pool table, etc.  So far its me, belowabove, gboro780, thedean_221, and gb2005, with some surprise guests along the way.

Sounds like a good time, that’s for sure!  Any crazy prop bets yet?

Haha, I’m actually thinking/hoping that out of all the poker guys getting a place this summer that our house will be one of the less-degenerate ones.  So nothing like that so far.  Other than poker, I run worse at gambling than anyone alive.  OK, besides poker and credit card roulette, I haven’t won a bet in my life.

Do you play casino games ever?  If so what’s your favorite one(s)?

If a guy can have a “favorite” way to lose money, then I guess it’s got to be roulette.  I only play roulette, blackjack and craps, but not much of any of them.  I feel like – with the locations of all these tournaments I’ve been traveling to – that if I picked up a gambling habit along the way, I’d be in a lotttta trouble so.  I tend to avoid it as much as possible.

 Yes, there is nothing like feeling the RUSH of the roulette wheel. That’s definitely good you can control yourself. 

Lolol, yeah I saw they actually have video roulette in Vegas now, which is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever heard!   The whole fun of that game is literally a ball spinning around a wheel.  I don’t know why they’d take that part away. 

 Correct me if I’m wrong, you’re living in Bloomington, Indiana and attending IU?

Yeah well you half right. I am living in Bloomington and currently on hiatus from class.  I am going back in the fall to finish up.

How important do you think it is to have an education? A lot of people hit a big tourney then just drop out and decide to go pro full time.

I just wanted to take a couple yrs off after turning 21 to travel, do all this and get my head on straight.  I just made the decision that a college degree is one of those life-achievements that I just want to have.  Even if I never use the degree, like most of these guys would never need to, I still want to say I did it.  Plus it will make my parents happy, and they’ve been beyond cool about the whole poker thing so they deserve at least that. 

It is an achievement to go along with all of your poker ones!

Yeah, I feel like there’s only so many things that a person can do and really hang their hat on and be proud of as know a major accomplishment, and that’s definitely one of them.  Anyone who can do it really should.  I definitely need more in my life than just poker-related accomplishments. 

Besides playing poker what do you do in your spare time, or what do you like to do on the weekends?

I’m really a homebody (not to mention lazy) and with all this traveling and living the life in all these different places, the stuff I definitely miss is just being able to relax with my friends and do nothing. I really prefer a night where I can just have a few drinks, or just hang out with my close friends from home.  But usually, since I live in a college town, it ends up being more along the lines of drink at someone’s apt, drink at someone else’s apt, drink at a bar, drink at another bar, then go home.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it, just not as much as all the alcoholics my age!  lol.

 What is your beverage of choice then?

I used to be biggest on Goose and Red Bull, and a few other mixed drinks, but I’ve developed a new love for beer.  My favorite of which is definitely Old Style which is a Chicago beer that they serve at Wrigley Field. 

Lastly, we all know you have had a lot of success online.  What do you do with your money? Are you an investor or do you like to spend on a lot of toys?

Haha!  Things get realllllly expensive traveling and playing these live tourneys with flights/hotel/etc.  I mean, in Monaco for the Monte Carlo Millions, the cheeseburgers were 30 euros (~$50 U.S.)!  I am trying to save up for a house right now, so that after I graduate I can get my own place in LA.  I definitely have people who tell me I need to start investing in this and that, but I’m not quite the baller yet.  So, basically, I’m just saving up.  Occasionally, I treat myself with something like a nice watch or some kind of electronics.  I did buy myself a $7k laptop, but that’s more of an investment than a toy. I’m not a baller.  I drive a mustang.  lolol.

Haha!  Why LA and not Vegas?

I want to be close, but not TOO close.

Too much temptation?

Something like that. = )   I’d also like at least a small chance of meeting a girl who isn’t a stripper.

Haha!  That’s probably a good idea. Maybe you can date a celebrity in LA once you win a big event.

I’d like to take this chance to tell Amy Adams that I’m available  and I’m moving near Hollywood soon. 

Alright, onto the Bluff Final Five:  What is pumping in the headphones while your pwning donkeys.

Haha!  Well, live, I don’t bring music to the table ‘cause I like to pay attention, but I might start because some (not all) people definitely get on my nerves with the table talk.  When playing online I listen to mostly hip hop, mainly Lupe Fiasco, Common, Jay-Z, The Doors, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters.

Do you believe luck is a factor in poker, and do you have any rituals to avoid bad luck?

I’m guessing, by that, you mean do I believe in a person or thing being lucky or unlucky, and the answer is definitely no.  You’d have to be at least slightly irrational to believe that “luck” actually exists.  Obviously luck has a huge factor in poker, but nothing is inherently lucky or unlucky.  That being said, I have a lucky hat that I wear to pretty much to every live tournament.

What’s the hat of or from?

): It’s this blue denim Cubs hat, and it’s not actually lucky since I’ve never won anything huge in it.  But it looks good on me, so I want to be wearing it when I do finally win something.  That way I can say it’s a lucky hat.  You got to earn your luck in poker!   = ).

If you could bust anyone or take there whole bankroll whose would it be, and why that person?

LOL.  Wow, that is an excellent question.  Spite is huge in poker.  Lol I really want to not be diplomatic (aka pussy) about this but i like everyone = (.  ): I’m going to say Bax/Sheets, that way instead of them backing me, I can back them!  Not to mention they are loaddddded! 

What celebrities would you like to have in your entourage?

Wow these are sick hard questions lol.  Man, make me think an’ shit! I haven’t done that in a while!  Ok, Michael Jordan, because he’s my childhood hero.  Phil Ivey, because I think he’s the best poker player in the world.  Degen the prop bettor, BJ Penn (sicko UFC fighter) so no one f***s with us.  If not my 4th is Amy Adams for obvious reasons.  Wait, I cant pick fictional characters can I?

Lol, no you’re definitely more than welcome to tell us what fictional characters you would pick.  So who are they?

lol.   God I shouldn’t have even said that.  Its a three-way tie between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Indiana Jones, and Double-Down Trent from swingers.

Ha that’s great.  The last question is who do you choose Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, or Giselle Bundchen?

akldjfl;kdjfa;ljdfal;dfj;.  Honestly that’s easy and it’s Scarlet Johansson.  I’ll tell you why her.  If I’m with Giselle I’m on Tom Brady’s bad side, and Tom Brady is probably already bitter enough that he just missed being part of my dream entourage.  Jessica Biel is hot but the others, in my opinion, are significantly hotter.  This leaves Alba and Johansson.  Alba was in the Fantastic 4 = ( So its Scarlett.  As far as hot female celebs go I prefer more the girl next door type as opposed to the outrageously beautiful.

It was a pleasure talking to you Alex and we at Bluff wish you the best of luck.

Thanks a lot.

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