Interview: Keven Stammen (Stamdogg)

So how has poker been treating you these days?

Meh – doing all right online, but getting super unlucky live.

What was the worst live beat that’s happened to you in the recent tournaments?

The $1,500 at the Wynn kind of sucked.  I have 60k at 800/1600 in the small blind with 19 left, 18 pay. First place is $110k, and I’m in, like, 5th place or so.  I have 78dd and we are 6 handed.  This Asian kid has been raisin every hand.  He’s the chip leader utg+1 and makes it 3100 to go.  I call with the 78dd from the small blind, and the bb calls as well with a 50k stack.  The Asian kid has like 90k.  The flop comes k92 all diamonds, so I flop a flush and I check.  The big blind leads with 7k.  The Asian kid makes it 23k to go.  I ship it in for the 50k that I have left.  Big blind folds, and the kid calls with AKhh so he’s drawing to about 2%.  The turn is a 2, and the river is also a 2.  So I bubble with 19 left!  HA!

Damn, that is terrible!  What a donk!  I know u travel a lot to Vegas and aren’t at home in Coldwater, Ohio a lot.  Have you ever considered moving to Vegas?  Don’t you believe the games are much softer and there’s a lot of money to be made?

Yea, I’ve thought about moving there several times.  I’m basically just too lazy to do it, and I kind of like being away from Vegas and everywhere else.  Even if I lived in Vegas id still be on the road a lot.

That’s fair enough.  You know the WSOP is coming around.  How many events are you going to play and which ones are you looking most forward to?

I plan on playing around $100k worth of events.  The $1k rebuys are a lot of fun.  The main is so tough to beat. 

What is going to be your living situation in Vegas while you are out there?

I’m not 100% sure.  We were going to get a nice house, but that never went through.  I can stay with friends, but I’ll probably just book the Rio and stay there like I did last year. 

What are names of the people that would be in house?

soggy dogg, 3pounder, and Marco Leisy.

Do you have any crazy prop bets in the works?

Nah, I’m trying to quit “gambling”.

As I recall, you love the black jack tables.  Is that true?

Yeah, not anymore though.  I figure I’m down roughly 400-500k in BJ.

Wow, that is sicko!  What do you do in your spare time?

I’ll go out and drink on Friday and Saturday if I’m home.  Otherwise, I’m pretty much playing pokes all the time.

What is Stamdogg’s favorite tasty beverage?

Meh, I drink beers (Miller Lite).  I also like shots of tequila.  Jager Bombs are alight too.

When you win a bracelet this year, the Jager Bombs are on me all night.

Ha, not on you that’s for sure!

Now on to the Bluff Final Five.  What is pumping in your headphones while your pwning donkeys?

Hmmmm.  Pretty big variety.  Radiohead, Jay Z, Jack Johnson, and Jimmy Eat World.

Do you believe luck is a factor in poker, and do you have any rituals to avoid bad luck?

I mean…it takes a lot of luck to win tourneys.  More now than ever since everyone’s getting so good, but I don’t do anything special to avoid bad luck either.  I’m not superstitious.  I do think that my IP address may be cursed sometimes though. 

If you could bust anyone or take there whole bankroll, whose would it be?

I’d like to get all of Bax’s(Cliff Josephy/Johnny Bax) lucky money.  We are friends, and I like to mess with him when I’m in tourneys with him.  I will go out of my way to bust him.  I mean that in a friendly way…lol.

What celebrities would you like to have in your entourage? 

Ha, Charles Barkley would be pretty damn fun to hang out with.  He was partying in Vegas beside us when we were down drinking and gambling.  Guy is funny as shit.  That’s about it though.

The final question that we always like to ask: Jessica Alba, Jessica, Biel, Scarlett Johansson, or Giselle Bundchen?

It’s between Jessica’s for me.  WOW!  Damn that’s tough!  akldjfl;kdfjal;djf;adjf.
This sucks choosing.
Uggh.. I’ll say Jessica Biel for me.  Jessica Biel in the movie “London” that’s what I’d have. 

Well thanks again Keven and good luck in the future. 

Thanks for having me.

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