PCA: Greg Jensen Figures “What the Hell?”, Plays Super Highroller

Greg Jensen jumped in the Super Highroller on a whim.

The PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller field usually consists of the world’s best and richest players. The six-figure entry fee is enough to make even best players a little nervous, but what you don’t expect to see is an amateur player taking shot in the event. What’s even less expected is when that player chooses this event as his first major poker tournament.

That’s exactly what Greg Jensen did. When asked about his poker background he replied, “I’m just an amateur player and played a little bit when I was younger. I just play for fun.”

Jensen is one of the world’s greatest hedge fund managers and is co-CEO and co-CIO for Bridgewater Associates. The firm is based in Westport, CT. and grew from 100 employees in 2003 to over 1,200 by 2011. Jensen now oversees Bridgewater’s research and trading departments. In 2011 the company was the world’s largest hedge fund with $122 billion in assets.

Jensen sees similarities between his multi-million dollar business decisions and the ones he makes on the felt. “There’s a bit of similarity. I work a lot with probabilities and such. Being able to stay calm helps.”

Jensen found his way to the PCA when a colleague gifted him an entry into the Main Event as a birthday present. When asked how ended up in this field he said, “I just decided to play this because, what the hell?” His whim to gamble for six-figures in one the most dangerous field is poker didn’t seem to bother him at all, even though his previous largest tournament he played in was a $5,000 event.

When asked about his chances in the event as an unknown player he simply said, “I don’t think it matters much. I’m going to need to get lucky to win.”

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Paul Oresteen

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