WPT: Day 1 in Mazagan Finds Guillaume Darcourt Leading

Darcourt Mazagan grabbed the chip lead by just T100 on the last hand. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

The World Poker Tour kicked off another international event today in the beautiful Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort in Casablanca, Morroco. The 3,500 Euro re-entry event attracted 67 players with 38 remaining. Guillaume Darcourt ended the day on top of the field on the last hand of the evening after bagging up 134,800.

Closely behind Darcourt are Jeremie Sarda (134,700) and Fabrice Soulier (126,800). Also advancing from Day 1a are  Daniel Cates, Benjamin Pollak, Elie Payan, Steve O’Dwyer and Nicolas Levi.

Those not fortunate to move on are free to play in Day 1b. We expect to see Zimnan Ziyard, Bruno Fitoussi, Davidi Kitai and David Benyamine as they found the rail in today’s action.

Darcourt was one of the early chip leaders, amassing 90,000 by the fourth level. He went to a flop of J 7 5 with Payan and Maxime Adam. Action checked to Payan and bet 1,450, Adam raised to 3,100 and Darcourt asked Adam for a count – around 31,000. Darcourt put in a three-bet to 8,375, Adam called and Payan folded.

The turn came 4 and both players checked to the 3 river. Adam checked and Darcourt bet 12,550, Adam shoved and Darcourt called. Adam tabled a king-high flush with K 8 but Darcourt showed him bad news when revealed A T for the nut flush.

Then on the last hand of the evening Darcourt snagged the chip lead by just a single T100 chip. Achiles Voltolina opened, Darcourt called and Payan shoved from the button. Both players called and the flop came J 7 3. They both checked and a queen drew another round of checks from the two active players. An eight fell on the river, Darcourt bet 17,000 and Voltolina called. Darcourt tabled [Tx] [9x] for a straight, Voltolina showed pocket aces and Payan mucked.

Benyamine entered the event fashionably late, somewhere in the third level. He jumped right into the fire though with O’Dwyer, Levi and Thibaud Guenegou at his starting table. Benyamine took a big hit to his stack just before dinner to Jeremy Nock, who flopped a straight holding 6 3. Benyamine bet the whole way and fired 10,000 on the river. Nock only had 10,800 and moved all in; Benyamine must have known he was beaten and mucked his hand.

The second starting day flight kicks off tomorrow and those survivors will join the Day 1a survivors for Day 2.

Top Ten Chip Counts:

  1. Guillaume Darcourt – 134,800
  2. Jeremie Sarda – 134,700
  3. Fabrice Soulier, 126,800
  4. Aubin Cazals – 125,800
  5. Sergei Vasilyev – 114,000
  6. Achiles Voltolina – 90,000
  7. Paul Tedeschi – 80,000
  8. Rebecca Gerin – 73,000
  9. Mbarek Saadi – 70,000
  10. Steve O’Dwyer – 68,700
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