WPT: Vladimir Bozinovic Wins Main Event, Rettenmaier Denied

Vladimir Bozinovic won the WPT Baden Main Event. (Photo c/o WPT)

The fifth and final day of the World Poker Tour Baden Main Event began with six players eyeing the championship – most notably Marvin Rettenmaier. The 2012 BLUFF Player of the Year came to the table searching for his third WPT Championship second in chips but he would not make history. Vladimir Bozinovic would be the last player standing holding the Champions Trophy and $271,258.

Bozinovic had a relatively short heads up match with runner-up Paul Berende. It looked as if Berende had the title all wrapped up but gut wrenching river card gave Bozinovic the lead he would never give up.

Grzegorz Wyraz made a brief appearance and bowed out in the first orbit. He moved his short stack all in from late position and Oswin Ziegelbecker woke up with pocket sixes in the big blind and called. Wyraz had a case of bad timing and tabled pocket fives. The board ran K T 2 6 4 and Wryaz exited the tournament area.

Rettenmaier lost a good portion of his chip stack in a hand against Berende when Rettenmaier called Berende’s raise. The flop came Q 4 2, Berende bet 110,000 and Rettenmaier called for the A turn. Berende continued for 180,000 and Rettenmaier called a second time. The K came on the river, both players checked, Rettenmaier showed a pair of queens but Berende made a pair of kings on the river.

Just a couple hands later Kimmo Kurko opened from the button and Rettenmaier moved all in from the small blind. Kurko called holding A Q and Rettenmaier tabled K Q and watched the board run J 7 5 T 3. Rettenmaier’s run came to an early end and he will have to wait for this third WPT title.

Berende took control after Rettenmaier’s elimination when he called a three-bet from Kurko on the button. The flop came K T 8, Berende bet 145,000 and Kurko called The turn came 6, Berende bet 380,00 and Kurko called again. The river came 8, Berende bet 490,000 – about half his stack and Kurko called. Berende flipped up J 9 for a flush and Kurko mucked.

Kurko ran out of steam and played his last hand after returning from the first break. He opened on the button, Bozinovic shoved from the big blind and Kurko called off with A J. Bozinovic turned up K 9 and watched the flop fall his way when the board ran K T 3 3 T and Kurko was eliminated.

Ziegelbecker was next to bow out when he three-bet all in and Bozinovic called with A T. Ziegelbecker was ahead with A K, they both flopped and ace, he but lost his lead on the turn when Bozinovic turned a second pair and the river bricked or Ziegelbecker.

Heads up play with the stacks pretty close and Berende holding a slight lead over Bozinovic. But all that changed when Berende three-bet to 460,000 and Bozinovic moved all in and Berende called with A Q. Bozinovic tabled Q J and flopped a monster draw when it came T 9 2. The 5 turn kept Berende in the lead but the 8 on the river made Bozinovic’s straight and gave him 6.3 million to Berende’s 1.3 million.

Not long after that pivotal hand Berende moved all in preflop and Bozinovic called with A 9. Berende couldn’t have had worse luck when he tabled A 8 and was drawing thin for his tournament life. The board ran Q T 2 5 A and Bozinovic won the title.

WPT Baden Main Event Final Table Payouts

  1. Vladimir Bozinovic – $271,258
  2. Paul Berende – $172,695
  3. Oswin Ziegelbecker – $111,587
  4. Kimmo Kurko – $81,304
  5. Marvin Rettenmaier – $59,496
  6. Grzegorz  Wyraz – $47,820
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