WSOP Reveals New Bracelet Design by Jason of Beverly Hills

This is the prize that everyone will fighting for at this year's World Series of Poker

When the World Series of Poker gets underway on May 28th, the fortunate few lucky bracelet winners will notice a distinct difference in the look of their championship jewelry. The WSOP revealed the design for all of the open event bracelets that will be awarded in 2012, created by famous jeweler Jason Arasheben, better known as Jason of Beverly Hills.

“Blinger is Better,” said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart. “Jason grasped the heritage of WSOP bracelets, but was only interested if he could take it up several notches. This is a trophy that truly embodies the promise of today’s WSOP – seemingly unthinkable dreams are dealt each year. I challenge anyone to keep a poker face when they see this bracelet in person.”

Arasheben has designed the championship rings for the 2009 and 2010 Los Angeles Lakers and the 2011 Green Bay Packers, among others. Arasheben has also worked with musicians ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber, as well as some of the biggest actors, athletes, and celebrities in the world. His involvement with the design for this year’s WSOP bracelet came from an interest in the game.

“I’m a big poker fan,” said Arasheben, “and on top of that I had a very good friend that had heard they were looking for a jeweler to do the World Series of Poker bracelets. I did the Lakers Championship rings the last two years, and with me having a store in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan it just made sense for me to be a part of this event.”

The winner of all but two of the events this summer will receive one of these gold bracelets, but there will be two events this Summer that merit an even bigger bracelet. The Big One for One Drop will award the first ever platinum WSOP bracelet, a fitting prize for the $1 million buy-in tournament. As in past years, the Main Event bracelet will stand out. Unlike past years, Arasheben has taken the most important piece of jewelry in poker and put a brand new spin on it.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to create this masterpiece for the World Series of Poker and it will go down as the most expensive piece of championship jewelry across all major sports,” said Arasheben. “We will tour this bracelet in our Las Vegas and Beverly Hills boutique so the world can bear witness to this historic work of art.”

The Main Event bracelet will feature each suit in the deck in either rubies or black diamonds. In terms of sheer mass, it weighs in at over 160 grams of 14 karat gold and over 35 carats of flawless diamonds. The bracelet has been called ‘priceless’, but there’s no denying the monetary value of the piece.

“The Main Event bracelet is the granddaddy of them all,” said Arasheben. “You can’t really put an exact figure on that it, but I’ll put it this way: it’s a six-figure bracelet.”

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