WSOP Winner Profile: James “Flushy” Dempsey

Dempsey's number one, but he's the second Brit to pick up a bracelet this year
Dempsey's number one, but he's the second Brit to pick up a bracelet this year

Considering the endless cheers that erupted over the more than three hour heads-up match between James Dempsey and Steve Chanthabouasy, you might have thought Dempsey was some sort of British soccer star. Athlete he isn’t, but he is a well-known and respected player from Britain who had nearly two dozen of his friends and countrymen cheering him on to victory. Dempsey may not have countless wins and deep runs in major events, but he is an integral part of the British poker community as a result of his involvement with the web site Blonde Poker.

Dempsey, known to his fellow forum posters as “Flushy”, admitted that he thinks too much emphasis is placed on a World Series of Poker bracelet, but don’t get him wrong, he is certainly happy to be walking away with a major tournament victory and his first six-figure tournament score.

Name: James Dempsey

Nicknames: Flushy, Dr. Demps

Age: 27

Occupation: Professional poker player.

Hometown: Brighton, United Kingdom

Lifetime Earnings: $424,259

Notable Results: There are a number of tournaments in which Dempsey built up a big stack early only to bust out before the final table. This recurring theme in his poker career is even something Dempsey is willing to fess up to. “It’s something I used to do. But I think I matured a bit,” Dempsey said. “Like today, I lost two big pots and then I was the short stack. But I really focused and tried to maintain my head. It’s definitely something in the past I used to do.”

His best WSOP showing prior to his victory on Saturday was a 14th place finish in the $2,500 Omaha Hi/Lo event last year. Dempsey’s other notable showings include an in-the money finish at April’s European Poker Tour san Remo Main event, two top 15 finishes on the Grosvenor Poker Tour in the UK, and countless final table appearances at tournaments throughout Britain.

Memorable Quotes: (On the perks of having a boisterous rail with a penchant for breaking out in song) “I’m not a quiet person, so I liked them being there. I think them being there made the whole table feel a lot more casual. If it were more serious, maybe [players] wouldn’t open up as much as they did.”

Future WSOP Plans: Dempsey will be taking part in more events before the WSOP is over, but don’t expect to see him at every table or double dipping. Dempsey admitted he thinks the idea of playing numerous tournaments at once in quest of a bracelet is a bit silly. As he puts it, “I play to make money.”

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