WSOP: Greg Mueller Wins Second Bracelet in $1,500 Limit Shootout

Greg Mueller wins his second WSOP bracelet in less than two weeks in the $1,500 Limit Hold 'em Shootout (Event 50).

It’s Limit Hold ‘em WSOP bracelet number two for Greg Mueller . Mueller won his second career bracelet in the same year in the same game Sunday night at the 2009 World Series of Poker in the $1,500 Limit Hold ‘em Shootout (Event 50).

Along with bracelet number two Mueller left the table with the top prize of $194,854.

Mueller Naalden beat Marc Naalden after 3 hours of heads up play in a unique battle of Limit Hold ‘em specialists. Both players won their first WSOP career bracelets within the past two weeks just fives days apart in Limit Hold ‘em events.

The two traded position as chip leader throughout their heads up battle and Mueller was quick to acknowledge Naalden was a tough opponent to beat. “He has a reputation as being a really good Limit player,” he said.

The duel for the bracelet ended when Naalden raised from the button and Mueller called to see a flop of [10d] 4 3. Mueller checked, Naalden bet, Mueller called and the turn brought the K. Mueller checked, Naalden bet, Mueller check-raised and Naalden moved his stack to the middle. Mueller made the call, showed K 5 and Naalden turned over K 2. The river landed the J sending Naalden away with $120,614 but without bracelet number two.

An experienced player, Mueller attributes his success in the past few weeks to what he has learned from the past. “I’ve learned that I don’t have to win the tournament in the first 20 hands,” Mueller said.

A second bracelet is a nice trophy for Mueller, who was originally schedueled to play in the $50,000 HORSE (Event 49) but changed his mind at the last second and registered for the Shootout instead.

Jose “Nacho” Barberowas the first player gunned down when he got all his chips in the middle against Mueller. Mueller raised pre-flop holding A [10s], Barbero made the call from the big blind and the flop turned over A 7 [10c]. Mueller check raised Barbero’s bet, Barbero made it three bets and Mueller set him in with his remaining short stack. Barbero showed K 2 for the flush draw but the 6 on the turn and the J on the river failed to give him the outs he needed. Barbero made the fourth cash for Argentina at the 2009 WSOP and walked away with $13,655.

Joep Van Den Bijgaartmade his exit from his first WSOP event in seventh place when he got into a Dutch Civil War with fellow countryman Naalden. Van Den Bijgaart raised from late position, Naalden three bet from the big blind and Van Den Bijaart called. After a flop of A 2 7 Naalden led out and Van Den Bijgaart raised all-in. Naalden called and showed A [10d] while Van Den Bijgaart turned over Q 8. The K fell on the turn, but the river brought the 7, giving Naalden two pair. Van Den Bijgaart collected $18,136 for his first WSOP event.

Flaminio Malagutiwas sent to the cash cage in sixth place to collect $24,824. Malaguti raised from the small blind holding A K and was called by David Williamsin the big blind who held A 5. After a flop of 2 6 [10h] Malaguti fired off another bet and Williams again made the call. After the 5 hit on the turn Malaguti bet and Williams raised him all-in. Malaguti made the call but his night was over when the 4 landed on the river.

Matt Sterlingmade his eighth WSOP cash but came up five places short of his first WSOP bracelet. Sterling had been sitting on the short stack of the table for quite a while and things only got worse when he ran his pocket Aces into Mueller’s J [10d]. Mueller was able to river a straight and shoot Sterling down to just a few chips. On the very next hand Sterling was committed pre-flop with Q 8. After a flop of 4 7 5 Mueller bet and Williams called. When the [10h] hit on the turn Mueller bet again, Williams folded and Mueller showed 9 7. The 9 on the river gave Mueller two pair and Sterling nothing.

Williams’ tournament ended with him hitting the rail in fourth when he moved all-in after a pre-flop raise by Millie Shiuand a re-raise by Mueller. The flop gave away K 8 4 and Mueller and Shiu continued to bet down the remainder of the board which turned over the J and the 7. Mueller showed pocket Jacks, Shiu turned over pocket Aces and Williams’ tabled 4 5 before making his exit to collect $51,145.

The last woman standing, Shui, beat the boys during Day 1 and Day 2 but was unable to become the first female bracelet winner of the 2009 WSOP. Shui was short stacked after losing her chips to Mueller in an earlier hand and was all-in from the big blind. Mueller called from the button and Naalden called from the small blind to see a flop of 5 8 [10h]. Naalden checked, Mueller bet, Naalden folded, Mueller showed 8 7 and Shiu turned over 4 2. Before the turn card hit the felt Shiu began to collect her purse and concede her run at her first bracelet was over. The board ran out K 5, Shui hugged the two remaining players and gracefully made her exit to collect $77,138.

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