WSOPC: Adam Teasdale Wins Harrah’s Atlantic City Main Event

Adam Teasdale survived a 14 hour to day to win gold. (Photo c/o WSOP)

The third and final day of the World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Atlantic City Main Event began with 26 players returning to the felt. After a long day of action Adam Teasdale emerged as the winner of the gold ring, $190,040 and seat to the WSOP National Championship in May.

Terry Grimes led the final table with 2,090,000 followed by Aaron Overton (2,065,000), Pete Rios (1,885,000), Sung Kim (1,860,000), Teasdale (1,850,000), Wade Woelfel (915,000), Ed Molin (640,000), Barry Leventhal (565,000) and Trevor Deeter (460,000).

Finishing short of the final table but still managed to cash in the event were Feming Chan 11th, Brandon Fish 14th, Will Failla 31st, Jamie Kerstetter 34th, David Diaz 46th and Chris Reslock 58th.

Chan was one of the more experienced players returning with almost $1 million in career earnings but Fish may have been the hottest player remaining a the start of Day 3. He recently won Event 2 a little over a week ago for better than $50,000 and with his 14hth place finish Fish won Casino Champ for the Harrah’s stop. He was eliminated when Terry Grimes opened in early position, Fish re-raised in late position and Grimes called. The flop came 3 Q T, Grimes moved all in and Fish called after flopping two pair with T 3. Grimes tabled Q J and watched the board run 9 Q giving him trip queens and eliminating Fish just short of the final table.

The field was trimmed to the final table after about five levels of play and Deeter was eliminated after just a couple hands. He moved all in from the button and Kim called from the big blind. Deeter had suited-connectors with 6 5 and Kim had pocket tens. The board ran 7 A 9 J T and Deeter was out in ninth place.

The next elimination came ten minutes later when Kim opened for 60,000, Modin shoved from the button and Grimes re-raised all in from the small blind. Kim folded and Grimes turned pocket jacks and Grimes showed aces. The board ran Q A 9 4 K and Modin was out in eighth place.

Before the end of the level Leventhal would be the third player eliminated in an hour. Leventhal opened to 85,000 and Grimes called from the big blind. The flop came 4 3 7, Grimes checked, Leventhal bet and Grimes called. The turn came 4, Grimes checked and Leventhal shoved all in. Grimes called with 8 4 for trips and was ahead of Levanthal’s A 7. The river was Q and Leventhal was eliminated.

Overton was next out when he raised from the small blind, Teasdale three-bet and Overton shoved. Teasdale called with AQ and Overton was staking his tournament life on T 4. The board ran 9 2 3 T A and the ace on the river ended Overton’s deep run.

Grimes had a frustrating day of lost pots and penalty. One of his cards was accidently exposed during a deal and he exposed his hand, earning a one orbit penalty and never recovered from going on tilt after the fact. Grimes opened and Teasdale called to see a T J J flop. Teasdale bet 140,000, Grimes shoved and Teasdale called with A J. Grimes’ pocket eights needed help but came up short when the board finished 3 7.

Teasdale had just begun to heat up and pulled further into the lead when Kim and Teasdale got in a preflop raising war with all the chips in the middle. Kim held A 8 and Teasdale A Q. The board ran K 7 6 Q 9 and Kim wad eliminated in fourth place.

Teasdale carried two-thirds of the chips in play to three-handed play but then Woelfel doubled up through Rios with pocket nines against A K. Then Rios was eliminated in a crazy hand. Rios opened on the button for one million, Teasdale moved his table-leading stack all in and then Woelfel called off the rest of his stack.

Teasdale: 7 7

Rios: J J

Woelfel: A K

The board ran A 3 3 3 6 and Woelful eliminated Rios and doubled through Teasdale to take the chip lead.

Woelfel took 6,505,000 into heads up play against Teasdale’s 5,810,000 but that lasted one hand. Teasdale opened for 130,000 and Woelfel called for the 3 6 T flop. Woelfel checked, Teasdale bet 150,000, Woelfel re-raised to 380,000 and Teasedale made it 650,000 to go. Woelfel then made it 1,380,000 and Teasdale didn’t blink, re-raising to 2,200,000. After a lengthy decision Woelfel elected to fold.

Teasdale and Woelfel played for around two full levels before Teasdale won the deciding hand with an amazing call. He was facing 6 Q Q 4 board and facing a re-raise all in from Woelfel. Teasdale went deep in to the tank before eventually calling. Woelfel tabled A 5 for a bluff and Teasdale turned over 9 4 for bottom pair. The river came Q and Teasdale claimed the victory.

World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Atlantic City Main Event Payouts

  1. Adam Teasdale – $194,040
  2. Wade Woelfel – $120,018
  3. Pete Rios – $87,763
  4. Sung Kim – $65,124
  5. Terry Grimes – $49,000
  6. Aaron Overton – $37,376
  7. Barry Leventhal – $28,903
  8. Ed Modlin- $22,656
  9. Trevor Deeter – $18,000
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