WSOPC: Andrew Lichtenberger Wins Caesars Palace Main Event

Lichtenberger celebrates a dominating performance. (Photo courtesy of

Lichtenberger celebrates a dominating performance. (Photo courtesy of

After three days Andrew Lichtenberger won the World Series of Poker Circuit Caesars Palace Main Event. After defeating a field stacked with Las Vegas pros Lichtenberger won his first gold ring and took home a prize of $190,137.

“I have always liked strategy-based games and computer games,” Lichtenberger said after an almost 12-hour final table. “By the time I became old enough to play poker it came somewhat naturally to me.”

Matt Stout had been near the top of the leaderboard for most of the tournament but suffered some hits to his stack on Day 2. After a raise and a call Stout moved all-in from the cutoff for his remaining 330,000. Brock Parker made the call and tabled J J and Stout had two over cards with A Q. He needed to catch for his tournament life but the board ran T 9 6 8 3 and Stout was all-out in 9th place.

Anthony Yeh ran in into Dan Casetta after Casetta called his all-in. Yeh tabled A J but was a dog against Casetta’s A K. Yeh’s fate was virtually sealed with the flop of 4 K 2 and needed to catch two running cards to survive. But the turn and river couldn’t save him and Yeh was done in 8th place.

Aaron Been had only a few big blinds left when he moved in with two red Tens. James Carroll reraised behind to isolate Been and then revealed Q Q. The board ran 5 4 9 A J and Been’s hit the rail in 7th place.

In a hand made for TV Steve O’Dwyer raised all-in over Lichtenberger’s opening raise. O’Dwyer held 7 7 and was in a flip situation against Lichtenberger’s A K. The flop hit them both with 5 9 7 giving Lichtenberger the nut flush and O’Dwyer needing the board to pair to make a full house. The turn and river were 4 T missing O’Dwyer and earning him a 6th place payout.

Lichtenberger again opened from the cutoff with a raise but James Carroll moved all-in on the button. Lichtenberger called with A 9 but was behind Carroll’s A T. He caught a 9 on the flop and the board whiffed for Carroll ending his tournament in 5th place.

Before Carroll could collect his payout slip Diego Sanchez was joining him after another knockout by Lichtenberger. Sanchez had 5 5 and Lichtenberger would need to catch again holding A K. The board ran 7 9 6 K A and Lichtenberger’s two-pair ended Sanchez’s tournament in 4th place.

Parker’s unfortunate hand with Lichtenberger came when Parker moved all-in from the big blind. Lichtenberger called with A K and Parker need help with Q J. An Ace on the flop sealed the win for Lichtenberger and Parker was done in 3rd place.

A five-hour heads-up match between Lichtenberger and Casetta saw the chiplead exchange hands a few times. But with escalating blinds and a dwindling stack Casetta moved in with A 8 and Lichtenberger tabled K 4. The flop of K J 7 left Casetta drawing thin and the 5 and 6 ended his gold ring dreams.

The $5,000 Main Event saw a modest 150 entrants and created a prize pool of $717,500. Most pros were forced to choose whether to play this event and the WPT Championship or play in EPT events that were scheduled in the same time frame.

Final Table Results and Payouts for $5,000 Caeasars Palace Main Event:

  1. Andrew Lichtenberger – $190,137
  2. Dan Casetta – $114,800
  3. Brock Parker – $73,544
  4. Diego “Mamba” Sanchez – $57,400
  5. James Carroll – $44,844
  6. Steve O’Dwyer – $35,875
  7. Anthony Yeh – $28,700
  8. Aaron Been – $23,319
  9. Matt Stout – $19,371
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