BLUFF Poker Player of the Year Rankings Explained

The BLUFF Player of the Year rankings system reflects a growing global market and attention to multiple buy-in tiers. For 2015 BLUFF looked to simplify the regionally tiered Player of the Year races that existed in 2014 by placing a higher value on a region’s overall best performer.

The buy-in tiers remain the same with High Roller, Elite, Triple-A, Double-A and Single-A levels and their respective POY winners will be grouped globally instead of regionally. The 27 separate POY winners from 2014 reduces to just 11 – one for each of the five tiers, one for each of the five regions and one overall winner.

The most prestigious title remains the Overall BLUFF Player of the Year with a player’s top ten results from events at all buy-in tiers and regions eligible for scoring. Each secondary title uses a slightly different number of results to determine qualifying POY scores.

Below is a breakdown of tiers and regions and how many cashes apply to a player’s total POY score, followed by a breakdown of tiers by buy-in.

Overall 10
High Roller 5
Elite 8
Triple-A 8
Double-A 10
Single-A 12
Overall 10
North America 8
Europe 8
Australasia 8
South America 6
Africa 6
High Roller $25,000 and up
Elite $5,000 - $24,999
Triple-A $2,500 - $4,999
Double-A $500 - $2,499
Single-A $499 and below