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Day 3. Got my @Manny_Machado13 jersey on. Ready to have some fun. @LivePokerRoom
Posted 9 minutes ago
Wow, these guys actually might be preventing a forest fire. Wish I had an extinguisher too. Cajon Pass, CA.
Posted 10 minutes ago
What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now. #behappy #smile #buddha #openhandedness
Posted 14 minutes ago
Day 2 table draws for the little one? @Kevmath
Posted 15 minutes ago
Heads up for anyone trying to reach me, phone seems to be busto
Posted 16 minutes ago
That last RT : all of the TV crew working the Super High Roller Series on our day off tomorrow.
Posted 19 minutes ago
Follow @RealJamieGold in Event 59 here: Follow @AntZinno in $25k PLO here starting at 2pm:
Posted 20 minutes ago
Unfortunate day. The same player who crippled me AA > K9 (954K5 board) gets my bounty snapping off my…
Posted 26 minutes ago
Pretty sure Sean Parker @sparker is onto something big here:
Posted 32 minutes ago
You will need to break Enigma to find out. Good movie, btw.
Posted 38 minutes ago
Asking players to support this new effort by @HardRockHolly to provide massive guarantees August 15-19 #SHRPO.
Posted 44 minutes ago
Very nice of you, TY --RT @earmaster1981 @phil_hellmuth as today is my birthday my only wish is you manage to get your 15th this summer.
Posted 45 minutes ago
I've already spent half of my recently acquired bankroll on juice
Posted 45 minutes ago
Fun day 2 table with @CarlosMortensen @gaucho2121 @ToNiSiNz nullified by them putting us in the Pavillion like it's the Daily Dipstick. #Gfy
Posted 50 minutes ago
#AskPOTUS why are you such a dickhead?
Posted 52 minutes ago
Set over set to bust for #minimumpain. Practically a day off. ??
Posted 55 minutes ago
I like this! ????????
Posted 56 minutes ago
The Las Vegas......????
Posted 57 minutes ago
Heartfelt & heart wrenching! Thank u 4 all u do 4 the animals @DrWillFowlds @KariegaGameRes ...
Posted about 2 hours ago
I've got the eye of a tiger... AND the hair of a lioness ???? (Photo: @TiffanyJPhotog)
Posted about 2 hours ago
Eeeefffffffffff yoooooooouuu Donaldson
Posted about 2 hours ago
WSOP 1k + 500 bounty. An event in which unscrupulous horses can easily steal from their unwitting stakers #NotOnMyWatch
Posted about 2 hours ago
Huge THANK YOU for all the nice messages I've received in the last 24h, trying to read them all. I feel so bless and fortunate, THANK YOU!!
Posted about 2 hours ago
Huge congratulations my friend @JonathanDuhamel well done!
Posted about 2 hours ago
A good cause and a chance to get into the main event for $240.
Posted about 2 hours ago
LIVE on #Periscope: Chameleon: chilling on a step in the garden.... Shhhh... Let's not startle him.....
Posted about 3 hours ago
Jeez what kind of performance enhancing drugs is @AntZinno on?! I need some! Guy is crushing everything
Posted about 3 hours ago
Planning to play the online event tomorrow, replacing a refunded event in my WSOP package. If any investor isn't interested, pls lmk ASAP.
Posted about 3 hours ago
My first welcome to Vegas present is Kessel! Thanks @GoLeafsGoEh @Craig_Ripley @GriffinBenger
Posted about 3 hours ago
Happy Canada Day, Canada! I love you forever! That is all.
Posted about 4 hours ago
In case you missed it, the food blogging is kicking back up after the WSOP and @jimmyeatsvegas is now the place to go for updates.
Posted about 5 hours ago
Like ur general idea better than mine. Agree w what ur saying except I think @RealKidPoker is a necessary piece.
Posted about 5 hours ago
Posted about 5 hours ago
The grass is always greener. ????????????
Posted about 6 hours ago
Happy Canada Day! Clearly today's 4pm #WSOP63 event should be 10k H.O.S.E.R., eh?
Posted about 6 hours ago
This hot little one piece is my moms circa 1977. Fashion always comes full circle! And tighty whities…
Posted about 7 hours ago
Happy Birthday Canada!!!!!! And also to my good buddy @Ray_Henson eh!!!!! #OhCanada
Posted about 8 hours ago
16 hours and 3 bullets later I found a way to place 60k betting disks into a sealed bag after my 4th donation to @onedrop 1k bb to start d2
Posted about 8 hours ago
Bagged 48,500 in #LittleOneDrop on five bullets and 18.5 hours of play. 10 Coronas. Average 42k.
Posted about 10 hours ago
Painful day-10am till 4:20am in the 3 drop event on almost no sleep bagged a bountiful 21k coming back to 500/1000 tomorrow #MinCashHunting
Posted about 10 hours ago
Wow. Video of high roller cash game hand today with two queens of clubs!
Posted about 11 hours ago
Crazy day of PLO peaked at 2mil ended with 1 mil played some crazy pots vs Josio 12 left I think
Posted about 12 hours ago
"Tired of the Chattanooga Empty" @IAmKRSOne
Posted about 12 hours ago
My picks for the 500k: @dansmithholla , sauce, @scott_seiver, @ikepoker, ole.
Posted about 12 hours ago
My milkshake brings all the cats to the yard and I'm like: "I'll adopt every single one of you, don't test me."
Posted about 13 hours ago
Fucking spooky. Took pic of #RioOi @Skinnydonk on 6-30-14
Posted about 13 hours ago
Posted about 13 hours ago
Busto. Flatted TT w 50bb effective to trap spazoids behind. SB rips 13bb. Asian opener rejam covering me. I call it off. TT <JJ and KK. GG
Posted about 14 hours ago
Hopped in the 1 drop for the love of the game. And to shower @KeithFerrera in this LL
Posted about 15 hours ago
Make sure you tweet your Congress member & include #HR2888 to show support for action to legalize online poker @ppapoker
Posted about 15 hours ago