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According to the person on the phone, EVERY SINGLE ITEM I ordered is not just a very good choice, but also perfect. #winning #vegashotels
Posted 14 minutes ago
$ ITM $
Posted 15 minutes ago
Want to play in the Main Event? Win your seat tonight at @PH_POKER and help a great cause with @MariaHo
Posted 16 minutes ago
starting day 2 #WSOP63 6th of 122 with 103K. only 24 paid, so still a long way to go. #letsdoit
Posted 22 minutes ago
jam packed PokerCast with @elielezra1 @jaimestaples @brokemogul @JonathanDuhamel is up! It's a long one, enjoy!
Posted 23 minutes ago
Live on with the WSOP online bracelet event. Raffling off pieces to this event and the WSOP Main so get there fast.
Posted 25 minutes ago
Just registered this @WSOP online bracelet event or as @PokerStars calls it "another Tuesday"
Posted 26 minutes ago
Posted 28 minutes ago
Announcing the Pokerroad B-Team reunion show on July 6th with @CourtHarrington and @devopoker Will be hosted by @pokernews Thanks guys!
Posted 30 minutes ago
Late registration for #WPT500 until 4:30pm and about 600 currently registered. Follow updates at
Posted 32 minutes ago
Posted 37 minutes ago
Just got showered in the online wsop bird, sighhhh what a fun day that coulda been
Posted 39 minutes ago
Sitting with a top ten stack in the @WSOPcom online event - Come check it out livestreaming at #Event64 #wsop64
Posted 42 minutes ago
Just got my #MTGHOF ballot and looking at the spreadsheet, one thing is clear: @Efropoker is unreal. #autovote
Posted 43 minutes ago
Look at this sick pack I opened during my stream today!
Posted 44 minutes ago
Thinking about trying LSD… RT if you think I shouldn't. FAV if you think I should.
Posted 50 minutes ago
PokerStars is back at the WSOP! The PokerStars Playhouse opens tomorrow at the Palms Casino & Resort at noon in the Fantasy Tower.
Posted 53 minutes ago
Got a call on my EP open 30bb deep w TJo and he got the 98x flop vs my KK to cripple me. 55 < AJo for the last 10bbs. Main next.
Posted about 1 hour ago
Often when one's wealth increases, their sense of entitlement increases along with it. Money changes most people's perception greatly.
Posted about 1 hour ago
Good luck to @SavagePoker in the Nugget Main!
Posted about 1 hour ago
#ThrowbackThursday to my 1st live #poker tournament win at the @pokerstars #PCA in 2008 for 2 millionUS$. #sosick
Posted about 1 hour ago
The best thing about the 250k cash game was playing with @Jtillathekilla2 She was entertaining and gave lots of action.#shewonalso
Posted about 1 hour ago
How much may I withdrawal? As much as you want. I'll take 50. OK. Woah, I was bluffing, gimme 20. No prob sir, we have extra $ for holidays.
Posted about 1 hour ago
About to hop in the Super Tues...uhhh I mean inaugural online #WSOP bracelet event.
Posted about 1 hour ago
I've just heard the new series of Only Connect will start (along with the new University Challenge) on Monday July 13th. START REVISING!
Posted about 2 hours ago
This is kind of essential, especially the 50:00-70:00+ minute stretch #Woodstock99
Posted about 2 hours ago
Bullet A. #WPTAria500 (5k package investors*)
Posted about 2 hours ago
Seriously. So many people ready to fire an extra $500-1k in buyins at the minimum. #smh
Posted about 2 hours ago
Today is an exciting poker day. Online bracelet event $1k and going to a short stack that I will turn around and run up in HORSE 10k
Posted about 2 hours ago
Nice! You even did it with the 8d-2d!
Posted about 3 hours ago
Vegas: Come out TONIGHT to support cancer research. $240 buy-in, cash prize pool + 10k @WSOP and 10k PCA seat added!
Posted about 3 hours ago
As a total strategy nerd, I would love the be a 76ers fan right now. They could really construct an awesome team in a couple years.
Posted about 3 hours ago
How long til we just have a @wsop card we can deposit $ on and can use for online and easy cage reg? This shouldn't be hard it's 2015!
Posted about 3 hours ago
Buying main event action hit me up.
Posted about 3 hours ago
Hey peeps, get on out tonight to @PH_POKER and help @MariaHo raise some money for charity and remember our great friend @Downtownchad 7pm
Posted about 3 hours ago
I'm playing at 4 pm in the 7 card stud 8 or better tourney ?????? probably the last event I'll play this 2015 Wsop ??????????
Posted about 3 hours ago
Super High Roller 500k Buy in today ! T- 3 hours and counting...2pm start time to be lucky;-) @ARIAPoker @PokerCentral_
Posted about 3 hours ago
How come amare stoudemire hasn't gotten 3 years /30 million yet in this @NBA market? #CrazyContracts
Posted about 3 hours ago
Excited for the first ever WSOP online bracelet event! Hopefully the tournament is a big success and we continue to see it on the schedule.
Posted about 3 hours ago
Scrolling through the online bracelet lobby, I can't help but picture Red Bull Robbie announcing some of these screen names at the live FT.
Posted about 3 hours ago
Me, @yasminv, & @Knowlesitall with our awesome @GeorgiaTech millenials panel! #TheDailyShare
Posted about 4 hours ago
#TBT Traveling in India & Cambodia w/ @starkeycares & fitting thousands of people with hearing aids.…
Posted about 4 hours ago
If you're lucky enough to find "two chicks at the same time" for life you won the lottery
Posted about 6 hours ago
So great to see that if you play enough hours the variance of poker becomes irrelevant like @AntZinno is proving..
Posted about 7 hours ago
After some friends texts and # crunching, heres the math answer to the T5o hand... ---> +2.6% in favor of CALL.
Posted about 9 hours ago
Made my first day 3 of the 2015 WSOP. 492k (avg 357k) @ 10k w 128 left in Little One for @OneDrop Time to turn the summer around w $646k.
Posted about 10 hours ago
Reged the 10k HORSE at midnight and bagged 60k. Going to try to improve on my 15th place finish last year.
Posted about 10 hours ago
Finished day 1 of the 10k horse with some chips. Back at em at 2 pm
Posted about 11 hours ago
Another day2 another shot at a deep run another shot at some jewelry 10k horse @Wsop
Posted about 11 hours ago
22k from 30k starting stack to end day 1 of the 10k horse
Posted about 12 hours ago