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Well Mr. Walter J. Palmer, I don't believe ur very insincere apology for, not only killing, but…
Posted 18 minutes ago
Lots of big beautiful trees up here. View from the room @harrahscherokee
Posted 25 minutes ago
playing the National Championship
Posted about 2 hours ago
3 more days till I go to Florida. Miss my family and can't wait to leave the same ugly faces I have to see everyday taking my$$$ #wonderhow
Posted about 3 hours ago
Why u mad Francona? Unlimited popsicles in the clubhouse. #royals
Posted about 3 hours ago
Credit to the City of Cincinnati Police and Hamilton County. One of the best processes so far #RIPSamDubose #BlackLivesMatter
Posted about 3 hours ago
Ran into @MukulPajuha @JaredJaffee21 and Byron Kaverman at Starbucks. #AmIStillInVegas? #YoungGuns #ItIsWSOPBraceletOnTheLine
Posted about 4 hours ago
Patriots vs NFL is far more appealing on my other-folks-problems-to-concern-myself-with list
Posted about 4 hours ago
Waking up #grateful is so much better than waking up hateful. Try it!
Posted about 5 hours ago
The only American at breakfast before this #WSOP National Championship in North Carolina.
Posted about 7 hours ago
If she makes you suffer through a river boat cruise, make certain that there's internet on board.…
Posted about 7 hours ago
This is my most memorable cash game hand. He tried to muck river but another player told him he won. #poker
Posted about 7 hours ago
I talked to you in confidence. Please don't go public with my plans
Posted about 10 hours ago
R.I.P. @MeekMill @Drake just killed you on Back 2 Back. "You getting bodied by a singing nigga"
Posted about 11 hours ago
Are you an alcoholic if you drink by yourself every night? #askingforafriend
Posted about 12 hours ago
I was looking for you on @HLNTV @DrDrewHLN tonight. And very disappointed you weren't there! I immediately changed
Posted about 14 hours ago
History in the making! Arizona Cards hire Jen Welter, 1st woman to be part of an #NFL coaching staff! Congrats!
Posted about 15 hours ago
Are those their ages in parentheses?
Posted about 16 hours ago
Busted ~60th in #SummerPokerOpen main event when 45 paid, missed Natty, but there's still a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop @BorgataAC #confirmed
Posted about 18 hours ago
Playing poker with James Woods
Posted about 19 hours ago
Off to San Fran to speak at the summit this weekend!!! Feeling many emotions about this.
Posted about 20 hours ago
Of course I book a shoot after piggin' out all weekend. Oy!!! Time to sweat! ????#MurphysLaw
Posted about 20 hours ago
I be streaming Hearthstone in 15 minutes, yo.
Posted about 21 hours ago
Vancouver is such a fantastic city. Love when we get these great pro tour locations!
Posted about 22 hours ago
RT @Pantaleooo: what is best sleeping possibility in Choctaw and how expensive is it ?<~Let's check with @GingMQuinto and @SammyTheDentist
Posted about 22 hours ago
It's about to be on.
Posted about 23 hours ago
Students at East Harlem School inspire me, can't wait for them to see @HamiltonMusical
Posted about 25 hours ago
Busted Borgata. Hanging out in Brigantine with @YoungOrson
Posted about 26 hours ago
No references to Q10 allowed! (just kidding)
Posted about 26 hours ago
"Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology. You no longer need to fantasize about being a goat!"
Posted about 26 hours ago
Ran into @Roothlus on the street and wrangled him into co-hosting #PokerCast tomorrow. Send us your questions & comments for the show!
Posted about 26 hours ago
Can't wait for The River Series @WinStarWorld to start! Great schedule culminating in the $2,500,000 GTD Main Event!
Posted about 27 hours ago
If anyone is flying into Atlanta for Cherokee @wsop national championship. Im flying into Atlanta today. Land at 630pm. Ill chauffeur you.
Posted about 27 hours ago
Article in the Napa Valley Register about our latest visit as part of the @PSProTour
Posted about 34 hours ago
Tulo! I’m guessing 2 of Boyd, urena, tellez, Reid-foley are gone but it might have to be Alford?
Posted about 38 hours ago
Somehow I just hit the cosmic lottery and my front door just ripped up my big toe like fucking crazy and I barely felt it. Blood everywhere.
Posted about 39 hours ago
The Blue Jays are run by a 7 year old playing MLB The Show on PS4. And it's awesome.
Posted about 40 hours ago
Espetacular! Parabéns RT @Pokerdoc_BR: WSOP: 50+ dias de trabalho, 16h/dia, 6,5M pageviews, só 3 pessoas. MUITO OBRIGADO, COMUNIDADE!
Posted about 47 hours ago
looking forward to #wptchoctaw main event coming up baby! see you there baby!
Posted on Monday
Was considering going to Choctaw for Wpt but hotels sold out so Guess not going
Posted on Monday
Trying to learn mixed games. Can say with confidence there is no one in the world worse than me at o8.
Posted on Monday
If you are interested in venture or tech I recommend subscribing to Snippets, the free weekly newsletter from @S23P
Posted on Monday
-Stanley Kubrick.
Posted on Sunday
What are correct dates of the #AzStatePokerChampionship you ask? You mean the one with the $1,1 MIL pool? 8-14. It's @TS_Resort great poker
Posted on Sunday
The hat got lucky and broke even in the pool match today, I just cant make a ball
Posted on Sunday
Looked outside and saw this happening on the strip #TheCosmopolitanHotelOnFire #viewfromhome #lasvegas #strip
Posted on Saturday
Fire at the Cosmo pool, hopefully everyone is ok
Posted on Saturday
Showers Cosmo Pool...pun very much intended. ????
Posted on Saturday
Love #painting so much I decided to open up shop on @Etsy & sell my paintings... Check it out #art #artists #Create
Posted on Saturday