thepokerdb: FAQs

Q: What is thepokerdb?

A. It's a database of all PokerStars, Absolute Poker,UltimateBet, FullTiltPoker and Bodog Multi Table Tournaments.

Q. What time periods do you cover?
A. Here is a table with info on the status of our various databases:

PokerStars: 2/2/2004-current
Full Tilt Poker: 6/4/2006-current
Ultimate Bet: 7/3/2006-current
Bodog: 11/2/2006-current
Absolute Poker: 1/1/2007-current

All of the sites have certain periods of incompleteness due to software failure, human error and various other reasons. In general, PokerStars is the most complete and UB is the least complete. Bodog and FTP are mostly complete with scattered missing tournaments. We're sorry if we missed your big win!

In addition, we also cover PokerStars satellites and MTT SNGs from March 2007 on.

Q. I sent in a question on the "Contact Us" link hours ago. What's going on? Why hasn't support responded to me?
A. We will respond as soon as possible. We don't ignore any emails that aren't answered clearly in the FAQ and emails are answered in the order in which they are received.

Q. Well, actually, it's been like four days since I sent in my question.
What's the deal with that?
A. Read through this section. If we didn't respond to you, over 95% of the time it's because the question is answered in the FAQ. We have this FAQ so we don't have to type out responses to the same questions over and over, so please read this carefully before submitting a question.

Q. Do you cover Single Table Tournaments? And Multi Table Sit and Go's? And cash games? Or play money?
A. Yes, we do cover PokerStars MTT SNGs from March 2007 on. Only the PokerStars MTT SNGs that appear under the "Tourney" tab, within the "All" sub-tab will be included with our data. We plan on adding Full Tilt Poker MTT SNGs in the future. We do not cover cash games or play money and we do not have any plans to cover those games. In addition, we do not have any plans to add single table SNGs or any of the tournaments listed solely under PokerStars "Sit N Go" tab.

Q. Is your database complete?
A. We try our best to make sure that the database is complete, but we definitely make mistakes sometimes. In addition, our software makes mistakes sometimes. Therefore, we aren't 100% complete, but we do strive to reach that point. Our PokerStars tournaments should be over 99% complete for the period covered. On Party, we had a few bugs in the first few weeks of collection, but from April 15, 2006 on, we should also be over 99% complete.

Q. I registered and I didn't receive my confirmation email. What's going on?
A. First, you should try using the remailer on the login homepage. Second, it's possible that our email got put into a spam filter. Third, it's possible that your ISP/email host completely blocked us from sending you email. We have found this to be the case in a few instances. We recommend Gmail if you can't get another service to work.

Q. I got my confirmation email but I can't click the link! What should I do?
A. You don't actually need to click the link to confirm your account. You can paste it into your browser if for some reason it isn't clickable.

Q. I validated my account but when I login it says I still need to validate my account!
A. Make sure you're using the right link to validate. Look at the URL in your browser's address bar and make sure it doesn't have extraneous symbols on it. Examples of bad links to paste/click into your browser:>,>,, etc. A good link would look like this:

Q. When I click on "Who's Viewed," why doesn't it show all of the clicks that I've just performed?
A. Implemented in May 2008, we only log clicks into the system if you haven't been one of the last 2 visitors to hit a specific page OR if it'd been 5 days since the last time you've viewed that same page.

Q. I forgot my password, can you send it to me?
A. You can reset your password using the lost password utility. It is located on the login page and it will email you a new password. You can't choose your new password.

Q. Can I get my name deleted from thepokerdb?
A. In order to have your data removed from our system, we ask that you follow the rules put in place on this page.

Q. I won $ on my friend's name, can you move it to my thepokerdb?
A. No.

Q. thepokerdb shows that I got 2nd in a tournament, but I actually chopped with the chiplead so I won $3000 more than thepokerdb says. Why is that? And can you fix it for me?
A. Unfortunately, chops happen in chat, so it would be very difficult to track them. We would need to have someone watching every final table. Therefore, we elect to report what is shown in the lobby of the tournament. Note that we do report the actual winnings for the 2005 and 2006 WCOOP events due to their size.

Q. I used to play on a different name, but I switched/got my name changed, can you move it to my thepokerdb? I can get PokerStars to prove that I changed my name legally.
A. No, sorry.

Q. I won such and such tournament yesterday, why isn't it in thepokerdb yet?
A. If the tournament was on PokerStars, please send us the site name and tournament id number of the missing tournament. We will attempt to locate the missing results. In addition, we have a redundant system for Bodog and Full Tilt Poker that scrapes results at the same time as the primary scrapers. A few times a week, the redundant results are fed into the system to make up for the missed ones. The same redundant system also provides our PartyPoker results. If you're missing results from Bodog, Full Tilt Poker or Party, you should see them appear shortly.

Q. I won a lot of tournaments in 2003. Can I upload/submit them for inclusion in thepokerdb?
A. No, we handle all of the data gathering and your results are automatically included. We probably won't be adding results from 2003 though.

Q. The site won't remember me even though I checked the "remember me" box when logging in.
A. We have had a few complaints from users having cookie problems with IE7. We have found that clearing your browser cache, restarting the browser and then logging in solves this problem. Whichever browser you prefer, please ensure that you have cookies enabled.