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Retro Poker Shirt
The only shirt with a legal ace up the sleeve! This is the best shirt to give you the upper hand at the tables. Made in comfortable poly/rayon fabric with detail stitch playing card embroidery on the front and a true to life poker scene on the back. A single ace card is embroidered on the inside cuff of the sleeve, and each snap has a spade in the center. This and many other beautifully embroidered poker shirts can be yours by visiting or calling 877-761-8073.

Run Good Gear
"We are the Grinder, the Underdog, the Longshot, the Comeback, the Dark Horse, the Write-Off, the Unknown, the Upset." is poker’s newest apparel online store. Our mission is to provide players with stylish, comfortable, and a bit of luck-filled clothing. With the emergence of a new generation of Poker players from the online world to live tables, provides the apparel and equipment for a new breed of players to hit the felt. It's a new era in Poker, and we're making sure players have a place to gear up.

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See you on the felt.


Hitting The Nuts
Hitting the Nuts is the breakout independent comedy film of 2011. The movie follows a group of blue-blooded Americans who compete for the illegal Scott County, Indiana poker championship. A poker-themed "mockumentary" in the style of This is Spinal Tap! and Best in Show, this movie is to Rounders what The Hangover is to Leaving Las Vegas. Winner of both the Cincinnati and Derby City Film Festivals, what it misses in star power it makes up for in belly laughs. This is the ultimate movie for poker players who are ready to laugh at themselves. Now available on DVD at

"Very Funny! If you enjoy life, you'll love this movie!" – Dan Harkenrider, Division of Poker (ESPN Radio)

"The Funniest Movie in the History of our Film Festival." – Kristopher Rommel, Derby City Film Festival

"Polished Comedic Timing!" – J. Christan Walsh, LEO Weekly

BBO Poker Tables

For discerning players who are used to sitting around the best, BBO Poker Tables has made their name by bringing premium poker tables to customers that don’t just settle for anything. In addition to a wide selection and the ability to customize your table, BBO also has matching dining tops and stylish matching chairs to ensure proper presentation inside your home. They have been featured on HGTV, Style Network plus other home design shows, which means that whether you are winning or losing, you will be looking great doing it!

For quality poker tables, check out our friends over at BBO Poker Tables.

Chip Customizer

The Original Poker Chip Customizer® lets poker enthusiasts personalize their poker chips. Using the included software, simply choose a layout, add photos and text, and then print on the supplied chip labels. Slide a poker chip into the easy to use labeling tool and place the sticker on the chip. Design, print, and stick. It’s that simple!

Available at

Ever since UIGEA has decreased the popularity of online poker within the United States Casino Games have grown in popularity. Not only are players flocking to the usual suspects - craps, slots, video poker and black jack, but another game whose popularity has been growing wildly is Online Bingo!

"Jonathan Little's book may well be the best tournament poker book written since Harrington's."
- Poker

"Little does an exemplary job of analyzing situations and giving sound advice in an easy-to-read writing style that keeps you turning the pages."

"After reading Volume 1 of the series I made the bold prediction that Little's tournament books would supplant the Harrington on Hold'em series as the go-to source for tournament poker, and I have to say that after reading Volume 2 I feel this prediction is a foregone conclusion."
- Steve Ruddock

D&B Poker

Jonathan Little’s ‘Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker’ has quickly become the go-to guide for tournament poker players. Published over 2 volumes the books cover all the key themes required to become a winner at the tables.

Available from all retailers of poker books, Amazon and Kindle, iBookstore, Nook and Kobo versions are also available.